The June/July 2011 Ceremony marked the first ever Tengaged Outstanding Group Awards.

TOGA Category Finalists Winner


Best Overall Group

  • Amazing Race DNJS (Johnoliver96)
  • The Hunger Games (Dragonberry)
  • L.O.S Season 11 [The Bracket (Avatar3939)
  • The Real LA Season 1+2 (Beccajo16)
  • RSF Season 7: Fresh Meat (RShow Freak)

RSF Season 7: Fresh Meat hosted by RShowFreak


Black TOGA 

Best Group Host

RShowFreak for hosting RSF Season 7: Fresh Meat


Green TOGA

Best Survivor Group

  • Survivor Bermuda (Gaiaphage)
  • Survivor Jamaica (Cmack311)
  • Survivor Japan (Bingo21)
  • Survivor USA vs The World (Yankeeman311)
  • Survivor Vietnam (DarkTyphoon23)

Survivor Japan hosted by Bingo21


Purple TOGA

Best Original Concept

  • KandyLife (Kilikfanof2mrow)
  • L.O.S Season 11 [The Bracket (Avatar3939)
  • Survivor USA vs The World (Yankeeman311)
  • Take a Chance Season 1 (rstar51)

Survivor USA vs The World hosted by Yankeeman311


White TOGA

Best Up and Coming Group

  • The Hunger Games (Dragonberry)
  • Survivor Jungle Adventures (Mloobs)
  • Survivor USA vs The World (Yankeeman311)

The Hunger Games (Season 3) hosted by Dragonberry


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