Survivor Series

Logo for the series.

My survivor series will begin very soon. I need a few more application to begin my Survivor: Nicaragua season!

My Survivor series is hosted on Tengaged , an online reality based social game.

An even number of castaways will be sent off to an exotic and marvelous location. They will be divided into two tribes. Those tribes will compete in challenges to keep themselves safe. The losing tribe will make the journey to tribal council where they will vote out one of their own.

After a certain point, the two tribes will merge into one. Then, it becomes an individual game. Only one person will have immunity and be safe from getting voted out. Everyone else is vulnerable.

But beware, those people getting voted out may becme members of the jury. The jury votes for a winner. So make sure you keep everyone okay with you and not pissed at you.


Survivor: Nicaragua

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