JBC's Survivor SeriesEdit

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The Australian Outback IntroEdit

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There were 16 overall, divided into two tribes, Kucha and Ogakor. After six contestants were eliminated, the tribes were combined, or merged, to form one tribe, Barramundi. Seven contestants made up the jury, who ultimately decided who would win the game.









Link Kucha 16th 1
Meli Kucha 15th 3
Dustin Kucha 14th 4
Danielle Kucha 13th 5
Tammy Kucha 12th 8
Maryse Kucha 11th 4
Nikai Ogakor Barramundi 10th 6
Sharon Ogakor Barramundi 9th 0
Josh Kucha Barramundi 8th 9
Mike Ogakor Barramundi 7th 5
Drake Kucha Barramundi 6th 7
Meow Ogakor Barramundi 5th 9
Qwerty Ogakor Barramundi 4th 5
Mick Ogakor Barramundi 3rd 2
Patricia Ogakor Barramundi 2nd 1
Whitney Ogakor Barramundi 1st 1

The gameEdit

Episode Title Immunity Eliminated Vote Finish
1 We never cheat... Ogakor Link Quit 16
Meli 3-2-1-1-1 15
2 Ogakor or Kucha? Ogakor Dustin 3-2-1-1 14
3 Pass the Torch... Ogakor Danielle 3-2 13
4 Team Josh? Ogakor Tammy 2-1-1 12
5 I'm gonna rip my hair out if Kucha loses again Ogakor Maryse 3-0 11
6 We are Merged... Patricia Nikai



7 Difference of 7 seconds... Qwerty Sharon M/E 9
Josh 4-2-1-1-1 8
8 That Made me so Tense... Whitney Mike 5-1-1 7
9 It Might Cost Me the Challenge... Qwerty Drake 3-2-1 6
10 Sorry, but I want to win this... Mick Meow 3-2 5
11 Season Finale... Whitney Qwerty 2-1-1 4
Whitney Mick 1 3

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