Welcome to the page for JETTEJ's Survivor: Fiji!

18 castaways will begin their Survivor adventures in Fiji! All of them will start the journey but only one of them will become the Soul Survivor.

18 Castaways, 27 days, 1 Survivor!


Contestant Username Original Tribe Merged Tribe Voted Out Total Votes
Brian swimboy818 Ravu

1st Voted Off

Day 2

Max sergeant Moto

2nd Voted Off

Day 4

Lifer Lifer107 Ravu

3rd Voted Off

Day 6

Brad Nostalgic Moto

4th Voted Off

Day 8

Coach Coach13 Moto

Medically Evacuated

Day 8

Porsche porschefan101 Ravu Bula

5th Voted Off

1st Jury Member

Day 10

Ethan Ethan000 Moto
Jared bubba3 Moto 0`
Nessa Glinda Moto 3"
Redd Reddy Moto 3
Bwburke bwburke94 Ravu 0^
Ryan ryan5676 Ravu 2
Saj Sajanas3000 Ravu 1
Sf Survivorfan1111 Ravu

'Because Bwburke held the Void Necklace on Day 2 and voted for Lifer, 2 votes against Lifer were voided.

"Because Nessa held the Void Necklace on Day 4 and voted for herself (purposely), 1 vote against Nessa was voided.

^Because Porsche held the Void Necklace on Day 6 and voted for Bwburke, 3 votes against Bwburke were voided

`Because Nessa held the Void Necklace on Day 8 and voted for Jared, 1 vote against Jared was voided.

~Because TROLOLOLOLOL played the hidden immunity idol on itself, 999,999,999 votes against it didn't count

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