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Survivor Season 1: Panama

Panama: Exile Island is a survivor season in Jake's Survivor Series. 

Applications closed on March 29th, 2013. The season is slated to begin on April 1st, 2013


16 Tengagers where selected to play.

Name Username

Tribe name

Color Level Placement
French FrenchMaid La Mina  Silver
Fab Fabricia La Mina White
Snow Snowgirl57 La Mina Orange
justdont justdontevictme La Mina Yellow
Wit WitZ La Mina Yellow
TMR TMR_The_winner La Mina White
Jacob Jacob_C La Mina Dark Green
Trey treyhurt13 La Mina Yellow
Chris Gaiaphage Casaya Silver
Physcho pschyobooooj Casaya White
J.C. jcviloria017 Casaya Yellow
mjmpb mjmpb Casaya Blue
Young youngids Casaya White
Bzilla bzillabikini Casaya White
Jerbals Jerbals Casaya Yellow
Blandin blandin12 Casaya Yellow

The GameEdit

# Episode Title Immunity Winner Voted out Vote Count

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