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Jakehou97 is a user on the Tengaged gaming website. He joined the site on June 21st, 2011, after searching for a Big Brother online game.


Jakehou97's avatar, as of January 8th, 2013

Color LevelsEdit

White June 21, 2011 (Joined Tengaged)
Yellow December 2011
Orange July 10, 2012
Light Green August 19, 2012
Dark Green September 20,2012
Blue October 5, 2012
Purple October 28, 2012
Red November 10th, 2012
Brown  December 9th, 2012
Black December 28th, 2012
Silver GOAL: Buy by Feburary 28th, 2013
Gold ????????
Sky ????????
Blood ?????????
TV Star ??????????

Tengaged History TimelineEdit

  • June 21, 2011-Joined Tengaged (Got White level)
  • June 21, 2011-1st fasting game (4th place!)
  • June 21, 2011-1st fasting win
  • June 21, 2011-1st casting game (7th place)
  • Took a long break*
  • December, 2011-Bought Yellow (Forgot exact date lol)
  • December 30,2011-1st Frookies game (11th place)
  • Took another long break (here for good now)*
  • July 7, 2012-1st Rookies game (10th place)
  • July 8, 2012-1st Frookies win
  • July 10, 2012- Leveled up to Orange
  • July 12, 2012-First Survivor (20th place ): )
  • July 14, 2012-First Duel game (10th place)
  • August 19, 2012-Leveled up to Light Green
  • September 3, 2012- Received my first gift
  • September 3, 2012-Enrolled in game 

#70000 (6th place)

  • September 20,2012- Bought Dark Green
  • October 5, 2012-Bought Blue 
  • October 28, 2012-Bought Purple
  • Nov 3,2012-First Top blog!  
  • November 4, 2012-Started first frat (Texans)
  • November 4, 2012-First Casting Win
  • November 10, 2012-Bought Red
  • December 7, 2012-First Survivor Merge
  • December 9, 2012-Bought Brown
  • December 28, 2012-Bought Black

Group Game HistoryEdit

Group Game Placement Finale votes recieved

BHD's Survivor Gabon

9th N/A
BHD's Survivor Galapagos 8th N/A
BHD's Survivor Mexico 11th N/A
BHD's Survivor All Stars 7th N/A
BHD's Survivor Heroes vs Villians Winner! 7
Gaia's Survivor: RTBI (Final Season) 19th of 91 N/A
Link's Survivor: Galapagos 2nd 1

Sign CollectionEdit

From 5651Omar

From Sapphirebh

From JBC8

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