Janelle's X Factor
Season 1
Season 1 logo
Broadcast from Septemeber 14,  2012 - October 29, 2012
Judges Janelle_Pierzina
Host(s) Danielvk
Broadcaster Tengaged
Britney Spears


Origin McComb, Mississippi, U.S.
Favorite Song "Toxic" 
Genre(s) Dance-pop, electropop, pop
Christina Aquilera 

Proceeded by

Followed by
Demi Lovato

Janelle's X Factor is a tengaged based music competition that sets out to find new music talent.The first season began airing on Tengaged on Septemeber 14, 2012 and concluded October 29, 2012. Britney Spears was announced as the winner, and Janelle_Pierzina emerged as the winning mentor.

The competition consists of auditions, in front of producers and then the judges with a live audience; bootcamp; judges' houses and then the live finals.  The show was hosted by TV presenter Danielvk, while the original judging panel consisted of Janelle_Pierzina, ThomasSwift, TylerK and Bradyman7. Brady later quit the show after just 2 rounds and replaced by Keyston. 

Judges and hostsEdit

At the time of announcing the The X Factor, Pierzina was the only confirmed judge. The search was on to find 3  judges to sit on the panel with him. Many people were rumored to be in the running to join the judging panel. Eventually, former Big Brother contestant Bradyman7, Tengaged personality TylerKand longtime colleague ThomasSwift

Danielvk was selected, once the competition had already started, to become the host of the first season. He presented the live shows and revealed the results and eliminated acts.

Selection ProcessEdit


Prior to the judges' auditions stage applications were held for people to participate as an act in the first season. The auditions were then held over 5 different days with each judge deciding whether or not to put them through to the next round. 

Audition city


Audition venue
Detroit, Michigan 14 September 2012 Fox Theatre
Portland, Oregon 15 September 2012 Portland Center Stage
Seattle, Washington 16 September 2012 KeyArena
Austin, Texas 18 September 2012 Long Center for the Performing Arts
Tampa Bay, Florida  19 September 2012 Mahaffey Theater


After the initial auditions, 45 acts had made it to bootcamp and were then told that they would have to perform either a live performance or a performance that showed movement so that the judges could get to grips with what kind of artist they were working with.

Bootcamp aired on 20 September 2012 with the results on the 25 September 2012

The judges then ranked each category individually and only the 8 highest scoring from each category could move onto the next round - judges homes.

Once bootcamp was over each judge was allocated a category, these were:

  • Girls - ThomasSwift
  • Boys - Bradyman7 (later keyston)
  • Groups - TylerK
  • Over 30's - Janelle_Pierzina

Judges homesEdit

In this round the 32 acts (8 for each judge) went to the homes of their respective mentors, where they performed again in front of a special guest. Each judge then chose 4 acts to take with them to the live shows (making a total of 16 finalists). 

Location Special Guest Eliminated Acts
London Keyston Cher Lloyd, Lady Gaga*, Nicki Minaj, Nike
Alabama Splozojames50 Adam Lambert, Jason Chen, Jason Derulo, Frank Ocean
L.A. xGirlyBlondex Greenday, Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5*, One Direction*
Over 30's
Florida N/A Beyonce, P!nk*, Reba McEntire

In season 1 many people auditioned as the same act causing 2 of the same acts at judges home. This was the case for Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, One Direction and P!nk. 

Judges homes aired on 25 September 2012 with the results being on 28 September 2012



     - Winner
     - Runner-up
     - Third place
     - Eliminated
     - Ejected
Adele Amy Winehouse Lady
Taylor Swift
Andy Grammar Bruno
Colin McLoughlin Eminem
Evanescence Marina & The Diamonds Maroon 5 One Direction
Over 30's
Britney Spears Carrie Underwood Christina Aguilera Kelly Clarkson
Britney Spears

Live ShowsEdit

The live shows started immediatly after the judges homes ended. Each week the contestants would be set a theme to sing a song with. The public polls will then open and the 2 acts (sometimes more) with the fewest votes sing for survival in the final showdown, then the judges decide which act they are sending home. In the event of a double elimination the contestant with the fewest votes will be sent home immediatly and the next lowest 2 (sometimes more) will sing for survival. This was with the exception of live show 1 where the mentors sent home one of their own acts. 

Results summaryEdit

Color key
     –Contestant was eliminated by their mentor (no public vote or final showdown)
     –Contestant was in the bottom two/three and had to sing again in the final showdown
     –Contestant was in the bottom three but received the fewest votes and was immediately eliminated
     –Contestant received the fewest public votes and was immediately eliminated (no final showdown)
     –Contestant received the most public votes
Weekly results per contestant
Contestant Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9
Round 1 Round 2
Britney Spears Saved Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3 Safe Safe Winner
Christina Aguilera Not saved Eliminated (week 1) Returned Safe Safe Safe Runner Up
Lady Gaga Saved Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe 3rd Eliminated (week 9)
Andy Grammer Saved Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe 4th Eliminated (week 8)
Maroon 5 Saved Safe Safe 7th Bottom 3 Safe Bottom 3 Eliminated (week 7)
Kelly Clarkson Saved Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe 6th Eliminated (week 7)
Adele Saved Safe Safe Safe Safe 6th Eliminated (week 6)
Carrie Underwood Saved Safe Safe 6th Bottom 2 Eliminated (week 5)
Marina & TD Saved Safe Safe 8th Eliminated (week 4)
Eminem Saved Safe Bottom 3 9th Eliminated (week 4)
Evanescence Saved Bottom 3 Bottom 3 Eliminated (week 3)
Bruno Mars Saved Bottom 3 11th Eliminated (week 3)
Taylor Swift Saved Bottom 3 Eliminated (week 2)
Colin McLoughlin Not saved Eliminated (week 1)
Amy Winehouse Not saved Eliminated (week 1)
One Direction Not saved Eliminated (week 1)
Final showdown None Mars,
Marina & TD,
Maroon 5
Maroon 5
None Maroon 5,
No final showdown or judges' votes; results were based on public votes alone
Judges voted to Eliminate |None| Eliminate
Janelle's vote Astro,
InTENsityThe Stereo Hogzz Francis Bell Drew Crow
Thomas' vote Francis,
InTENsityThe Stereo Hogzz AstroCanty Drew Crow
Keyston's vote The Stereo Hogzz,
Lakoda Rayne,
InTENsityLakoda Rayne Francis Canty Drew Canty
Tyler's vote Drew,
The Stereo Hogzz The Stereo Hogzz Francis Bell Canty Canty
Eliminated Phillip Lomax
by Reid
3 of 4 votes
The Stereo Hogzz
3 of 4 votes
Stacy Francis
3 of 4 votes
Lakoda Rayne
Public vote
to save
Public Vote
to save
Rachel Crow
2 of 4 votes
Marcus Canty
Public vote
to save
Chris Rene
Public vote
to win
Josh Krajcik
Public vote
to win
The Brewer Boys
by Abdul
Dexter Haygood
by Scherzinger
LeRoy Bell
2 of 4 votes
3 of 4 votes
Simone Battle
by Cowell
Tiah Tolliver
by Cowell

Live show detailsEdit

Week 1 (28 September 2012)Edit

  • Theme: The theme for the first week was first impression. The acts were given the chance to leave their stamp on the competition and convince their mentors not to send them home. 
Live show 1
Act Order Song Result
Britney Spears 1 "I'm a Sleave 4 U" Safe
Adele 2 "Set Fire To The Rain" Safe
Taylor Swift 3 "You Belong With Me" Safe
Maroon 5 4 "This Love" Safe
Colin McLoughlin 5 "Save The World" Eliminated
Carrie Underwood 6 "Just A Dream" Safe
Kelly Clarkson 7 "My Life Would Suck Without You" Safe
Bruno Mars 8 "Marry You" Safe
Amy Winehouse 9 "Tears Dry On Their Own" Eliminated
Eminem 10 "Lose Yourself" Safe
Marina & TD's 11 "Teen Idle" Safe
Andy Grammar 12 "Keep Your Head Up" Safe
Lady Gaga 13 "Paparazzi" Safe
Evanescence 14 "Lost In Paradise Safe
Christina Aguilera 15 "It's A Man's World" Eliminated
One Direction 16 "Live While We're Young" Eliminated
  • There was no public vote the first week. Instead, each of the judges selected one of their own acts to eliminate.

Judges' decision to eliminate

  • ThomasSwift: Amy Winehouse
  • Bradyman7: Colin McLoughlin
  • TylerK: One Direction
  • Janelle_Pierzina: Christina Aguilera

Week 2 (2 October 2012)Edit

  • Theme: Movie week. Contestants had to perform songs from the movies. 
Contestants' performances on the second live show
Act Order Song Movie Result
Andy Grammar 1 "Miss Me" N/A Safe
Maroon 5 2 "Misery" N/A Safe
Adele 3 "Ugly Betty" Ugly Betty Safe
Carrie Underwood 4 "Ever Ever After" Enchanted Safe
Taylor Swift 5 "White Horse" Greys Anatonmy Bottom 3
Bruno Mars 6 "It Will Rain" Twilight: Breaking Dawn (Part 1) Bottom 3
Eminem 7 "Say Goodbye To Hollywood" Alpha Dog Safe
Kelly Clarkson 8 "Breakaway" The Princess Diaries 2 Safe
Evanescence 9 "Made Of Stone" Awakening Bottom 3
Britney Spears 10 "Oops!... I Did It Again" Does This Need To Be Said? Safe
Lady Gaga 11 "Edge Of Glory" N/A Safe
Marina & TD's 12 "Heartbreaker" N/A Safe
Final showdown details
Bruno Mars 1 "Today My Life Begins" Safe
Evanescence 2 "My Immortal" Safe
Taylor Swift 3 "Fearless" Eliminated

Judges' vote to eliminate

  • Janelle_Pierzina: Taylor Swift - Claimed Taylor didn't really excite him.
  • ThomasSwift: Bruno Mars - Backed his own act and thought it was wrong to send home Evanescence
  • Keyston: Taylor Swift - Backed his own act
  • TylerK: Taylor Swift - Backed his own act and felt that Taylor didn't show enough diversity.

Week 3 (7 October 2012)Edit

  • Theme: Guilty Pleasures. Acts were told to show the judges a song they hate to love. 
Contestants' performances on the third live show
Act Order Song Result
Adele 1 "Chasing Pavements" Safe
Andy Grammar 2 "Irreplacible" Safe
Maroon 5 3 "This Love" Safe
Carrie Underwood 4 "Before He Cheats" Safe
Eminem 5 "Love The Way You Lie" Bottom 3
Kelly Clarkson 6 "Behind Those Hazel Eyes" Safe
Britney Spears 7 "My Perogative" Safe
Lady Gaga 8 "Judas" Safe
Bruno Mars 9 "Liquor Store Blues" Eliminated
Marina & TD's 10 "Homewrecker" Safe
Evanescense 11 "Lithium" Bottom 3
Final showdown details
Eminem 1 "Beautiful" Safe
Evanescence 2 "Good Enough" Eliminated

Judges' vote to eliminate

  • Janelle: Evanescence
  • ThomasSwift: Evanescence
  • Keyston: Evanescense (Backing his own act)
  • Tyler did not need to vote

Week 4 (10 October 2012)Edit

  • Theme: Dance Hits. Acts were told to wow the audience.
Contestants' performances on the fourth live show
Act Order Song Result
Kelly Clarkson 1 "Walk Away" Safe
Britney Spears 2 "Baby One More Time" Safe
Adele 3 "Rumer Has It" Safe
Carrie Underwood 4 "Undo It" Bottom 3
Lady Gaga 5 "Just Dance" Safe
Maroon 5 6 "Moves Like Jagger" Bottom 3
Emimem 7 "We Made You" Eliminated
Andy Grammer 8 "We Found Love" Safe
Marina And The Diamonds 9 "OH NO" Bottom 3
Final showdown details
Maroon 5 1 "She Will Be Loved" Safe
Carrie Underwood 2 "So Small" Safe
Marina And The Diamonds 3 "Lies" Eliminated

Judges' vote to eliminate

  • Janelle: Marina And The Diamonds
  • ThomasSwift: Maroon 5
  • Keyston: Marina And The Diamonds
  • Tyler: Maroon 5

Week 5 (14 October 2012)Edit

  • Theme: Love and Heartbreak.
Contestants' performances on the fifth live show
Act Order Song Result
Kelly Clarkson 1 "Because Of You" Safe
Britney Spears 2 "Everytime" Safe
Lady Gaga 3 "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)" Safe
Andy Grammer 4 "The Pocket" Safe
Adele 5 "Someone Like You" Safe
Carrie Underwood 6 "Don't Forget To Remember Me" Bottom 2
Maroon 5 7 "Wake Up Call" Bottom 2
Final showdown details
Carrie Underwood 1 "There's A Place For Us" Eliminated
Maroon 5 2 "Lucky Strike" Safe

Judges' vote to eliminate

  • Janelle: Maroon 5
  • Tyler: Carrie Underwood 
  • ThomasSwift: Carrie Underwood 
  • Keyston: Carrie Underwood 

Week 6 (19 October 2012)Edit

  • Theme: Inspirational Songs.
Contestants' performances on the sixth live show
Act Order Song Result
Kelly Clarkson 1 "Stronger" Safe
Adele 2 "Natural Woman" Eliminated
Maroon 5 3 "Harder to Breathe" Safe
Andy Grammer 4 "Keep Your Head Up" Safe
Lady Gaga 5 "Hair" Safe
Britney Spears 6 "Stronger" Safe

Note: Adele was removed from the show for breaking one of the rules of the competition. The four acts that did not face the public vote in week 1 and were eliminated by their mentors—Amy Winehouse, One Direction, Christina Aguilera, and Colin McLaughlin—faced the public vote. The act with the most votes replaced Adele. The winner of the vote was announced as Christina Aguilera.

Week 7 (22 October 2012)Edit

  • Themes: Billboards Hot Hits; Tengaged Challenge songs. 
  • For the first time this season, each contestant will perform two songs.
Contestants' performances on the seventh live show
Act Order First Song Order Second Song Result
Christina Aquilera  1

"Your Body"

7 "Beautiful"  Safe
Andy Grammer  2 "Fine By Me" 8 "Keep Your Head Up" Safe
Britney Spears 3 "3" 9 "Hold It Against Me" Bottom 3
Kelly Clarkson 4 "Perfect" 10 "Behind These Hazel Eyes" Eliminated
Maroon 5 5 "One More Night" 11 "Payphone" Bottom 3
Lady Gaga  6 "Speechless" 12 "Telephone"  Safe
Final showdown details
Maroon 5 1 "The Man Who Never Lied" Eliminated
Britney Spears 2 "Piece Of Me" Safe

Judges' vote to eliminate

  • Janelle_Pierzina: Maroon 5
  • ThomasSwift: Maroon 5
  • Keyston: Maroon 5
  • TylerK: Britney Spears

Week 8 (26 October 2012)Edit

  • Themes: songs to get you to the final" (no theme); Tengaged Challenge songs. 
Contestants' performances on the eighth live show
Act Order First Song Order Second Song Result
Britney Spears 1 "Till The World Ends" 5 TBA Safe
Andy Grammer  2 "Miss Me" 6 "Fine By Me" Eliminated
Lady Gaga  3 "Bad Romance"  7 "Poker Face" Safe
Christina Aquilera 4 Ain't No Other Man 8 "Candy Man" Safe

Note: The semi-final did not feature a final showdown and instead the act with the fewest public votes, Andy Grammer, was automatically eliminated.

Week 9 (29 October 2012)Edit

The final consisted of two two-hour episodes on October 29 and November 2. 

  • Themes: Halloween; Favorite song; celebrity duets. 
Act Order First Song Order Second Song Order Third Song Result
Britney Spears 1 "Circus"  4 "Toxic" 7 "Me Against The Music" Winner
Christina Aquilera 2 "Lady Marmalade" 5 "Your Body" 8 "Beautiful" Runner-Up
Lady Gaga 3 "Marry The Night: 6 "Born This Way" 9 "Telephone" Third Place

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