Janelle's X Factor
Season 8
Broadcast from August 2013
Judges Janelle_Pierzina
Host(s) BigBrotherFan132
Broadcaster Tengaged
Proceeded by
Season 7

The eighth season of Janelle's X Factor will premiere on the Tengaged television network around the middle of August. 

A trailer celebrating a year of The X Factor was released on August 9, 2013. Entitled "Janelle's X Factor Season 8 Promo", it features a mashup of various music videos from past contestants.

Season 8 changesEdit

  • The four main categories of contestants have been removed. (The contestants will be categorized by Soloists or Groups.)
  • For the logo, the logo will maintain the main formation but will feature the judges, in new colors, in-front of the 'X'. (The new logo was designed by pss817.)
  • Another change will be no more Boot Camp or judges' homes visits, The producers felt the process was causing the show to drag. (We came up with a new round called Circuit Rounds.)
  • Janelle's X Factor continues to assemble its team for the upcoming 8th season as part of a fresh shakeup. (Reality TV Host/Platinum Big Brother Host BigBrotherFan132 and Laurenjade121, who goes by LJ, are joining X Factor as producers, joining fellow exec producer Janelle_Pierzina.)

Judges and hostsEdit

On August 6, 2013, it was confirmed that Janelle_Pierzina would return as a judge for a seventh season. It was later confirmed that producers BigBrotherFan132 and Laurenjade121 would join Janelle_Pierzina as executive producers of the show. The judging panel was then revealed to be Janelle_Pierzina, LUPIE, BigBrotherFan132 and Laurenjade121. BigBrotherFan132 still remains as the host of the show.                                                                                                                                         

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