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Jimbo's Survivor Series is a series of Survivor Group Games on Tengaged, hosted by Jimbo. 

It is known for the intensity of it's competition while still maintaining a light attitude and lots of joking. 

So far, there have been 8 seasons, with one more in progress at the moment. 

Jimbo's Survivor

Viewer's Lounge


sahmosean (Seasons 1-2)

Fidel Grayvesone (Seasons 3-5)

Franco Balgair (Seasons 5-Present)


Season Winner Runner(s) Up Final Vote
1 Seychelles Daniel123456 AlaskanFireDragon 8-1
2 Pitcairn Islands Happy202 Duke 4-3
3 Canada DryIceBros TheRealSlimShady 5-2
4 Machu Picchu bigben1996 Archerskyfire 4-3
5 Tristan da Cunha Mearl



6 Sierra Nevada Snake 2Beastly 5-2
7 Blood vs Water turney1805 rawr121 7-2
8 Gilbert Islands

Most Votes AgainstEdit

This is the people with the most votes against in a single season. 

I'll update it when a ranked contestant is voted out of a season. 

Rank Username Season Votes Against
1st amf7410 Tristan da Cunha 16
T2nd Nattie Tristan da Cunha 14
T2nd TheRealSlimShady Blood vs Water 14
3rd Superman11 Tristan da Cunha 13
T4th LaFierceBrittany2 Machu Picchu 12
T4th bearclaw1212 Machu Picchu 12
T4th Monkey135 Sierra Nevada 12

Most Individual Immunity Wins In One SeasonEdit

Rank Username Season Immunities Placing
1st 2Beastly Sierra Nevada 6 2nd
T2nd Mearl TDC 4 1st
T2nd rawr121 Seychelles 4 3rd
T2nd Happy202 Pitcairn Islands 4 1st

Fan FavoritesEdit

Season Fan Favorite
Seychelles TheSexiestDude990
Canada DryIceBros
Machu Picchu Archerskyfire
Tristan da Cunha coolnarwhal88
Sierra Nevada 2Beastly
Blood vs Water bigben1996 and rawr121

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