17. Africa

This is the third season of the Jman Survivor Series . Here is where 16 castaways are abandoned to the land of Kenya for 39 days. We have 14 new players an plus 2 past players ready for their shot at redemption. Alicia123 won the title of Sole Survivor aganist NJDevil19  in a 7-0 vote. Losangelesgirl won the title of Player of the Season aganist JNice and Walkerbait27. This is noted to be the first season to have no jury members quit.

Winner: Alicia123





Perviously:The Austrian Outback

Followed By: Cook Islands


Castaway Original Tribe Merge Tribe Placing Total Votes
wesday3 Boran

No Merge

1st Voted Out

Day 3



AlaskanFiredragon Boran

Medically Evacuated

Day 6

WilliamGonzales Boran

2nd Voted Out

Day 9



NCFX Boran

3rd Voted Out

Day 12




The Austrian Outback


4th Voted Out

Day 15






5th Voted Out

Day 18

Muffinman Boran

6th Voted Out

Day 18

smackdownisblue Boran Ricaf

7th Voted Out and First Jury Member

Day 21

Dolphinsoccer4 Samburu Ricaf

8th Voted Out and Second Jury Member

Day 24

Walkerbait27 Samburu Ricaf

9th Voted Out and Third Jury Member

Day 27


SimvivoRway Samburu Ricaf 10th Voted Out and Forth Jury Member 5
JNice Samburu Ricaf 11th Voted Out and Fifth Jury Member 2
Losangelesgirl Boran Ricaf 12th Voted Out and Sixth Jury Member


1. 3. 4. 5.

aaryn23 Samburu Ricaf 13th Voted Out and Seventh Jury Member 9****
NJDevil19 Samburu Merge


Received 0 Jury Votes



Alicia123 Samburu Merge

Sole Survivor

Received 7 Jury Votes


Episode Immunity Voted Out
Welcome to Survivor Africa Samburu wesday3
We are Gonna Have to Pull you from the Game. Samburu AlaskanFiredragon
I want everybody to be happy healthy Samburu WilliamGonzales
Survivor Trivia Samburu NCFX
Wow what a tribe Samburu Yonni98
Double Tribal Walkerbait27 Jflora18 and Muffinman
eww this girl is grosssss Losangelesgirl smackdownisblue
Spam Blog Walkerbait27 Dolphinsoccer4
you shown your true colours Losangelesgirl and JNice*** Walkerbait27
Jman, dont give her ideas. :o Losangelesgirl SimvivoRway
Hasta La Vista Aaryn23 JNice
Finale Aaryn23 Losangelesgirl
NJDevil19 Aaryn23
Reunion The Winner is...... Alicia123

1. Losangelesgirl and wesday3 tied with 3 votes each. Because wesday3 has a self-vote he was automatically eliminated. No revote was made.

2. Yonni and WilliamGonzales tied with 2 votes each. A re-vote was made. Yonni got 1 vote while William got 2.

3. Losangelesgirl and NCFX tied with 2 votes each. A re-vote has made. Losangelesgirl got 0 votes while NCFX got 3.

4. Because Losangelesgirl played a Hidden Immunity Idol on herself, 3 votes did not count aganist her.

5. Losangelesgirl and NJDevil19 tied with 2 votes each. A re-vote was made. NJDevil19 got 0 votes while Losangelesgirl got 2.

  • = Because Samburu decided to save Losaangelesgirl, 2 votes did not count aganist her.
  • = JNice plays a OMG idol and only his vote counted. The vote went to Walkerbait and he was eliminated.
    • = At the auction Losanglesgirl won immunity and got to pick one other person to be safe. She chose JNice.
      • = Because JNice plays a OMG idol, votes aganist NJdevil19, Aaryn23, and Alicia123 did not count.


The first time ever to have returning players here.

Miricle Vote debuts to this season. The winning tribe indiviualy votes for someone on the losing tribe to be safe from tribal council and Jman reveals who is safe right before the revealing of the losing tribes votes.

At the auction, the OMG idol makes its debut. If anyone plays a OMG idol at tribal council then only their vote will count and the vote aganist someone without immunity will be sent home.

Returning PlayersEdit

So far no one has returned from this season.

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