Jordan big brother blog
first series
Jordan big brother 1
Name Entry Exit      
Tommy Day 1   
Lillie Day 1   
jelly Day 1   
sport Day 1   
charl Day 1   
Jack Day 1   
toxic Day 1   
xTOXICx Day 1   
MissNicole Day 1   
mike Day 1   
survivor Day 1  Day 8   
toxic Day 1  Day 4   
Power of Veto Holder
Head of Household

This blog game start on 17/11/12

Day 1 HOHEdit

On day 1 the hoh com start the hoh was mikeboogierules.

Day 2 NOMEdit

On day 2 mike had to nom 2 he picked Tommy and Lilly.

Day 3 POV and POV ceremonyEdit

Tommy won pov and saved hesafe so te hoh had to pick a new nom and he pick Toxic.

Day 4 Eviction Edit

A poll when up for the two noms. with 66.3% Toxic you are evictd from the big brother house

Day 5 HOHEdit

from now on the HOH and POV will be on poll. and the winner of HOH with 37.5% is Tommy

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