Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Supahhero Tutsi 16th
JamesMicronesia Hutu 15th
Leonine_Divine Hutu Tutsi 14th
Hotfox1 Tutsi Hutu 13th
jman96 Tutsi 12th
kindlycruel1 Hutu 11th
"Joeker" Hutu Hutu
"TylerKeith" Hutu Hutu
Joeker Hutu Hutu Mwami 10th
Flamelord Tutsi Tutsi Mwami 9th
johnoliver96 Hutu Tutsi Mwami 8th
aiwfwyattroh Tutsi Tutsi Mwami 7th
coolnarwhal88 Tutsi Hutu Mwami 6th
bingo21 Hutu Tutsi Mwami
BENLINUS Tutsi Tutsi Mwami
RachelReilly1 Hutu Hutu Mwami
Spinner554 Tutsi Hutu Mwami
TylerKeith Hutu Hutu Mwami

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