# Seasons Sole Survivors Runner-Ups 2nd Runner-Ups Votes POS
1 Thailand Prince_Charming Lamontlamar 4-1 49288
2 Cook Islands Soccerbchris Gaiaphage 4-2 Soccerbchris
3 Guatamala Ireks Sweetrem 5-2 Hotfox1
4 All - Stars Hotfox1 Leonine_Divine 5-4 Ireks
5 One World Jman96 Kindlycruel 5-1 Kindlycruel


(Dynamic Duos)

BENLINUS Spinner554 Tylerkeith 5-2-0 Bingo21
7 Kiribati (Follow the Leader) Prozach Glinda 5-1 Spnner554
8 Nicaragua - Second Chances ~Karmas a bitch~  Bingo21 Tylerkeith Milkisgood 3-2-1 Milkisgood
9 Cambodia Mearl Dolphinsoccer Epstar 7-2-0 Mearl


(Fans Vs Favourtes) 

Mearl Robinhood99 Jman96 5-4-2 Cmack311
11 Gabon (Second Chances II) AshlynArehart NeiltheNinja/NicWhealdon 3-2-2 NeiltheNinja
12 Heroes Vs Villains Joeker Robinhood99 Leonine_Divine 9-2-0 NeiltheNinja

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