Kara's Gift Game Series
Current season logo
Genre Reality competition
Created by k4r4k
Starring Various Housemates
Country of Origin United States
Based on United States
Language(s) English
No. of Seasons 6 (current)
Original Site Tengaged Groups

Kara's Gift Game is a Tengaged group gift game based on the American and UK formats of the hit reality show Big Brother. It is hosted by k4r4k’’'

The show puts a number of 'houseguests' into a studio built house where they will live in total confinement, cut off from the outside world and will not leave until they are either evicted or crowned the winner of the season.

Each week, the houseguests battle for power and form alliances to stay in the game.

FormatEdit will be choosing HOH and POV each week. HOH will nominate the two other players of their choice. Once POV is chosen, that player can either remove themself from the block, save another player or keep the nominations the same. Final nominations will be announced and then a twist will come into play – either only the players will vote to evict OR all of Tengaged can vote. will make this decision each week.


Series detailsEdit

Season Season Logo HouseGuests Winner
Season 1 none 10 swimmer9074
Season 2 none 30 cornelia
Season 3 none 33 Tyler93
Season 4 Pic.5a1c15ded572bb19f48908ae8742d94b 13 ?

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