Upon winning a game, a player may earn Karma, as well as T$. This will not necessarily be available to all positions but is generally awarded to those players who earn a decent place within their game. Karma can be used to enter other games or to buy new levels.

Karma in the GamesEdit

Below is a table, showing the prizes available when playing games in Tengaged.

Position Casting
The Duel Survivor Stars
1st 12K-8T$ 40K-20T$ 25K-60T$ 80K-50T$ 10K-30T$ Merge & 40K-10T$ 200K-400T$
2nd 2K-6T$ 10K-16T$ 3K-20T$ 20K-30T$ 3K-15T$ (Not Applicable) 30K-80T$
3rd 1K-4T$ 9K-14T$ 0K-10T$ 15K-20T$ 1K-5T$ 15K-60T$
4th 0K-0T$ 8K-10T$ 0K-10T$ 10K-10T$ 0K-0T$ 0K-50T$
5th 0K-0T$ 7K-9T$ 0K-10T$ 8K-5T$ 0K-0T$ 0K-45T$
6th 0K-0T$ 6K-8T$ 0K-0T$ 6K-0T$ 0K-0T$ 0K-40T$
7th 0K-0T$ 5K-7T$ 0K-0T$ 5K-0T$ 0K-0T$ 0K-30T$
8th 0K-0T$ 4K-6T$ 0K-0T$ 4K-0T$ 0K-0T$ 0K-20T$
9th 0K-0T$ 3K-5T$ 0K-0T$ 2K-0T$ 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$
10th 0K-0T$ 2K-4T$ 0K-0T$ 1K-0T$ 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$
11th 0K-0T$ 1K-3T$ 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$
12th 0K-0T$ 0K-2T$ 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$
13th 0K-0T$ 0K-2T$ 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$ (Not Applicable) 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$
14th 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$ (Not Applicable) (Not Applicable) 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$
15th 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$
16th (Not Applicable) 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$
17th 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$ (Not Applicable)
18th 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$
19th 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$
20th 0K-0T$ 0K-0T$

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