A Key is a crucial component to a game of Casting (Slow Mode). They appear randomly throughout the game and only one person can obtain each Key, meaning that the first person to click a Key will win the Key. A Key is useful in the fact that each nominee and the winner are picked by the algorithm and a Key provides vital points, which may help if you become a nominee or if you become a finalist.

Keys do not necessarily earn you the right to skip or miss a nomination, nor does it enable you to win automatically. The more Keys that a player has during a game, the more likely they are to not be nominated and also to win. It is important to note that Keys are not the only influence in a game. How active a player is, how many plusses their comments receive, how well they do in tasks and other information also contribute to your overall possibility of not being nominated or for winning in the rare chance of making it to the final.

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