Name   Username   Color Level   Season   Original Tribe   Switched Tribe Merged Tribe   Finish  
Chris dragonfable456 Yellow Morocco Marrakech X X 16th 
Jason Guess_Who Orange Morocco Marrakech X X 15th
David noobsmoke13 White Morocco Marrakech X X 14th
Jon JonMcGillis Light Green Morocco Marrakech Fes X 13th
Isiah legend_of_link Orange Morocco Fes Fes X 12th
Connor constaff Yellow Morocco Marrakech Fes X 11th
Colton Pedlick44 Red Morocco Fes Marrakech Tangier 10th
Pamela Ontario Dark Green Morocco Fes Marrakech 9th
Missy Missalice3 Yellow Morocco Marrakech Fes 8th
Matt MattsBBUpdates Yellow Morocco Marrakech Marrakech 7th
Jette JETTEJ Orange Morocco Fes Fes 6th
Matthew OATTY3 Light Green Morocco Fes Marrakech 5th
Anthony mastropola Orange Morocco Fes Fes 4th
Jordan Jordannnn Red Morocco Fes Marrakech 3rd
Nessarose Glinda Light Green Morocco Fes Marrakech 2nd
Ethan thewinner Dark Green Morocco Fes Fes 1st

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