Survivor: Cameroon
Survivor Cameroon
Winner Dono (donosaurus_rex)
No. of Episodes 14
No. of Days 28
No. of Castaways 18
Tribes      Edea
The Caribbean Matt G. (GiGi10)
Vietnam Fred (ferdinandz)
Mickey (PeaceOut14)
Friends vs. Enemies Dono (donosaurus_rex)
Daniele (losangelesgirl)
Trey (bowling4fun)
Matt G. (GiGi10)
Matt K. (mattkwon1)
Fred (ferdinandz)
Second Chances Hannah (xoHannaHxo)
Porsche (porschefan101)
Brian (cfff)
Socotra Mickey (PeaceOut14)
Grenada Brendon (brenelle1120)
Heroes vs. Villains Joe (Joeker)
Link (themissinglink)
Kyushu Brendon (brenelle1120)
Location Mbengwi, Bamenda, Cameroon
Original Run 26th of December - 28th of January
Previous season Bali - All Stars
Next season The Caribbean

Leli's Survivor: Cameroon is the sixth season of Leli's Survivor series and features 16 new castaways, and two returnees, battling it out to become the Sole Survivor. It was also the first season to feature Redemption Island. The season started casting while All Stars was taking place. After a couple of days the cast was announced. The season began on the 26th of December.

The Edea tribe, carrying the tribe color pink, consisted of Caleb, Daniele, Dono, Jeff, Joe, Jordan, Link, Matt G. and Trey. The Minta tribe, carrying the tribe color yellow, consisted of Brendon, Brian, Ethan, Fred, Hannah, Matt K., Mickey, Mona and Porsche.

On day 13 the two tribes merged into the Fulani tribe, carrying the tribe color darkgreen, consisting of Brendon, Daniele, Dono, Hannah, Jeff, Joe, Link, Matt G., Mona and Trey.

Dono (donosaurus_rex) won the season in a 5-3-1 vote, defeating Daniele (losangelesgirl) and Jeff (TDO88), making him the Sole Survivor.


Contestant Tengaged User Original Tribe Merged Tribe Voted Out Redemption Island Finish Total votes
Jordan jjjordan123 Edea Removed
Day 5
Fred ferdinandz Minta 2nd
Day 4
1st Duel Loser
Day 5
Day 5
Matt K. Mattkwon1 Minta 1st
Day 2
2nd Duel Loser
Day 7
Day 7
Caleb valient09 Edea 4th
Day 8
3rd Duel Loser
Day 9
Day 9
Ethan thewinner Minta 6th
Day 10
4th Duel Loser
Day 11
Day 11
Mickey PeaceOut14 Minta 3rd
Day 6
5th Duel Loser
Day 13
Day 13
Brian cfff Minta 7th
Day 12
6th Duel Loser
Day 15
1st Jury Member
Day 15
Porsche porschefan101 Minta 5th
Day 8
7th Duel Loser
Day 17
2nd Jury Member
Day 17
Hannah xoHannaHxo Minta Fulani 8th
Day 14
7th Duel Loser
Day 17
3rd Jury Member
Day 17
Mona MonaMania Minta 9th
Day 16
8th Duel Loser
Day 19
4th Jury Member
Day 19
Link themissinglink Edea 11th
Day 18
9th Duel Loser
Day 21
5th Jury Member
Day 21
Matt G. GiGi10 Edea 10th
Day 16
10th Duel Loser
Day 23
6th Jury Member
Day 23
Maluku Islands
brenelle1120 Minta 12th
Day 20
11th Duel Loser
Day 25
7th Jury Member
Day 25
Trey bowling4fun Edea 14th
Day 24
11th Duel Loser
Day 25
8th Jury Member
Day 25
losangelesgirl Edea 13th
Day 22
Day 25
Joe Joeker Edea 15th
Day 26
9th Jury Member
Day 26
Jeff TDO88 Edea 2nd Runner-Up 2
losangelesgirl Edea Runner-Up 13
Dono donosaurus_rex Edea Sole Survivor 1

The GameEdit

Title Redemption Island Immunity Eliminated Vote Finish
Inhabitants Challengers Eliminated
"You Never Know in the Game of Survivor"
- Matt K.
Edea Matt K. 5-4 1st Voted Out
Day 2
"Nobody Knows What to Expect"- Mona Matt K. Edea Fred 4-2-1-1 2nd Voted Out
Day 4
"You Win Some, You Lose Some"- Dono Matt K. Fred Fred None Jordan No Vote Removed
Day 5
Edea Mickey 5-2 3rd Voted Out
Day 6
"Go Win This for Me!"
- Matt K.
Matt K. Mickey Matt K. Jeff Caleb 8-0 4th Voted Out
Day 8
Ethan Porsche 5-1 5th Voted Out
Day 8
"So Close!"
- Brendon
Mickey Caleb
Caleb Edea Ethan 3-2 6th Voted Out
Day 10
"A This or That Situation"
- Mona
Ethan Ethan Edea Brian 2-0 7th Voted Out
Day 12
"A Whole New Ball Game"
- Joe
Brian Mickey Matt G. Hannah 8-1-0 8th Voted Out
Day 14
"The Chaos Continues"
- Link
Hannah Brian Matt G. Mona 4-2-2-1 9th Voted Out
Day 16
Mona Matt G. 4-3-1 10th Voted Out
Day 16
"I'll See You in the Finals"
- Jeff
Matt G.
Porsche Hannah Dono Link

3-3-1/ 4-1

11th Voted Out
Day 18
"I'm Not Willing to Put My Life in His Hands"
- Dono
Matt G.
Link Mona Dono Brendon 3-2-1 12th Voted Out
Day 20
"They are Mean!"
- Daniele
Matt G.
Brendon Link Dono Daniele 4-0 13th Voted Out
Day 22
"I'm so Done"
- Matt G.
Matt G.
Daniele Matt G. Joe Trey 2-1-1 14th Voted Out
Day 24
"I'm Back"
- Daniele
Trey Brendon
Dono Joe 3-1 15th Voted Out
Day 26
"I had to work harder than I ever had"- Dono
Jury Vote Jeff 5-3-1 2nd Runner-Up
Daniele Runner-Up
Dono Sole Survivor

Voting historyEdit

Original Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Eliminated: Matt K.
5/9 votes
4/8 votes
No vote1
5/7 votes
8/8 votes
5/6 votes
3/5 votes
2/2 votes
8/10 votes
5/9 votes
Matt G.
4/8 votes
Tie Link
4/5 votes
3/6 votes
4/4 votes
2/4 votes
3/4 votes
Voter Vote
Dono Caleb Hannah Mona Joe Link Link Daniele Daniele Trey Joe
Daniele Caleb Hannah Mona Matt G. (2) Joe Joe Daniele Joe Joe
Jeff Caleb Hannah Mona Joe Joe Link Brendon Daniele Trey Joe
Joe Caleb Hannah Daniele Matt G. Brendon Tie Brendon Daniele Dono Daniele
Trey Caleb Trey Trey Daniele Link Link Brendon Daniele Jeff
Brendon Matt K. Ethan Mickey Porsche Hannah Brian Hannah Joe Joe Link Link Jeff
Link Caleb Hannah Mona Matt G. Joe Tie
Matt G Caleb Hannah Joe Daniele
Mona Matt K. Mickey Mickey Porsche Hannah Brian Hannah Joe
Hannah Matt K. Fred Mickey Porsche Ethan Brendon Joe
Brian Fred Fred Mickey Porsche Ethan Brendon
Ethan Matt K. Mickey Mickey Porsche Ethan
Porsche Fred Fred Hannah Hannah
Caleb Caleb
Mickey Fred Fred Hannah
Fred Matt K. Porsche
Matt K Fred
Jury vote
Finalist: Dono
5/9 votes
3/9 votes
1/9 votes
Juror Vote
Joe Dono  
Trey Dono    
Brendon   Jeff
Matt G. Dono    
Link Daniele  
Mona Daniele  
Hannah Dono  
Porsche Daniele  
Brian Dono  

Redemption IslandEdit

Redemption Island gave previously voted off contestants a chance to come back into the game, by competing in daily duels for a shot at returning. After a person got voted off they were sent to Redemption Island. Once there, they would face off against the next person voted out. The winner would stay on Redemption Island, while the loser would be sent home for good.

Redemption Island ProgressEdit

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Trey OUT
Daniele WIN WIN
Hannah WIN OUT
Ethan OUT
Caleb OUT
Fred OUT

Duel 1: Matt K. vs. FredEdit

Task: Matt K. and Fred were tasked with creating a flag for Redemption Island, using all tools available. They had to incorporate the logo and the color used on Redemption Island, black.

Duel 2: Matt K. vs. MickeyEdit

Task: Matt K. and Mickey were given a thread each. The person who would be able to post the most times in their thread within 24 hours would win the challenge and stay on Redemption Island.

  • Matt K.: Was able to post 911 times.
  • Mickey: Was able to post 12012 times.
    • WINNER: Mickey

Duel 3: Mickey vs. Caleb vs. PorscheEdit

Task: Mickey, Caleb and Porsche were given twelve pictures. Their job was to decide which six pictures were taken in Cameroon, and which six weren't. The two with the most correct answers woud stay on Redemption Island. The person with the least correct answers would be out.

  • Mickey: Got 4 correct answers.
  • Caleb: Got 0 correct answers.
  • Porsche: Got 4 correct answers.
    • WINNERS: Mickey and Porsche

Duel 4: Mickey vs. Porsche vs. EthanEdit

Task: Mickey, Porsche and Ethan were given twelve pictures, this time of real Survivor moments. They had to guess which season each picture was from. The person with highest amount and second highest amount of correct answers would stay on Redemption Island. The person with the lowest amount of correct answers would go home.

  • Mickey: Got 12 correct answers.
  • Porsche: Got 12 correct answers.
  • Ethan: Got 6 correct answers.
    • WINNERS: Mickey and Porsche

Duel 5: Mickey vs. Porsche vs. BrianEdit

Task: Mickey, Porsche and Brian were given three pictures with jars of either gumballs, corks or pieces of candy. Their job was to guess how many were in each jar. The person longest from the correct answers would be eliminated.

  • Mickey: Was 247 points from the correct answers.
  • Porsche: Was 146 points from the correct answers.
  • Brian: Was 204 points from the correct answers.
    • WINNERS: Porsche and Brian

Duel 6: Porsche vs. Brian vs. HannahEdit

Task: Porsche, Brian and Hannah were given statements made by themselves, where two words were removed. Their job was to find out which words were missing. The person who was able to find the least amount of words would be eliminated.

  • Porsche: Got 8 words correct.
  • Brian: Got 7 words correct.
  • Hannah: Got 8 words correct.
    • WINNERS: Porsche and Hannah

Duel 7: Porsche vs. Hannah vs. Mona vs. Matt G.Edit

Task: All four had to post as many times as they could in the same thread, but there had to be 30 minutes between each post. The two people who would be able to post the most times would stay on Redemption Island. The two people who would post the least would be eliminated.

  • Porsche: Posted 4 times.
  • Hannah: Posted 23 times.
  • Mona: Posted 28 times.
  • Matt G.: Posted 24 times.
    • WINNES: Mona and Matt G.

Duel 8: Mona vs. Matt G. vs. LinkEdit

Task: Mona, Matt G. and Link were given the same sliding puzzle. The two people who would be able to solve the puzzle and get the most points would stay on Redemption Island. The loser would go home for good.

  • Matt G.: Got 499468 points.
  • Mona: Got 199468 points.
  • Link: Got 527040 points.
    • WINNERS: Matt G. and Link

Duel 9: Matt G. vs. Link vs. BrendonEdit

Task: Matt, Link and Brendon had to find as many hidden treasures as they possibly could. A total number of ten treasures were hidden. The two people who would find the most would stay on Redemption Island, while the loser would be eliminated.

  • Matt G.: Found 10 hidden treasures.
  • Link: Found 4 hidden treasures.
  • Brendon: Found 10 hidden treasures.
    • WINNERS: Matt G. and Brendon

Duel 10: Matt G. vs. Brendon vs. DanieleEdit

Task: Matt, Brendon and Daniele were given eight paintings and eight prices. Their job was to match the right painting with the right price. The two people with the most correct matches would stay on Redemption Island. The loser would go home for good.

  • Matt G.: Got 3 correct matches.
  • Brendon: Got 6 correct matches.
  • Daniele: Got 5 correct matches.
    • WINNERS: Brendon and Daniele

Duel 11: Brendon vs. Daniele vs. TreyEdit

Task: Brendon, Daniele and Trey had to get as many people as possible to post their name in a blog. The person that could get the most people to post their name would come back into the game. The two losers would be out of the game for good.

  • Brendon: Got 15 to post his name.
  • Daniele: Got 46 to post her name.
  • Trey: Got 33 to post his name.
    • WINNER: Daniele

Returning CastawaysEdit

Matt G. returned to The Caribbean along with three other former players for a second chance. He finished 2nd overall.

Fred (ferdinandz) and Mickey (PeaceOut14) returned to compete in Survivor: Vietnam, along with four other former players who didn't do well in their first season. They placed 5th and 10th respectively.

Dono (donosaurus_rex) and Matt G. (GiGi10) returned to compete as a friends pair in Survivor: Friends vs. Enemies, while Daniele (losangelesgirl) and Trey (bowling4fun) and Matt K. (mattkwon1) & Fred (ferdinandz) returned as enemies pairs. They placed 1st, 3rd, 13th, 15th, 16th and 9th respectively.

Brian (cfff), Hannah (xoHannaHxo) and Porsche (porschefan101) returned to compete in Survivor: Second Chances. They ultimately finished 12th, 5th and 4th overall.

Mickey (PeaceOut14) returned to compete in Survivor: Socotra - Trial of Trust, where he came in 7th place.

Brendon (brenelle1120) later returned to compete in Grenada, where he ultimately finished 15th.

Link (themissinglink) and Joe (Joeker) returned to compete in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, Link as a member of the Heroes tribe, and Joe as a member of the Villains tribe. They ultimately finished 20th and 11th respectively.

Brendon (brenelle1120) returned to compete in Survivor: Kyushu - Unfinished Business, where he ultimately finished in 13th place.

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