Survivor: Maluku Islands
Maluku Islands
Winner JoJo (Andie3Palmer)
No. of Episodes 13
No. of Days 26
No. of Castaways 18
Tribes      Halmahera
All Stars JoJo (Andie3Palmer)
Sam (BigBrotherFan132)
Raphael (smiley20)
Ashley (BigBruv)
Cameroon Brendon (brenelle1120)
Friends vs. Enemies Ashley (BigBruv)
Grenada Brendon (brenelle1120)
Kyushu Brendon (brenelle1120)
Location Aru, Maluku Islands, Indonesia
Original Run 18th of October - 12th of November
Previous season Venezuela
Next season Bali - All Stars

Leli's Survivor: Maluku Islands is the fourth season of Leli's Survivor series. , and features 18 new castaways battling it out to become the Sole Survivor.

The season started casting on the 12th of October. Five days later the cast was announced. The game began on the 18th of October.

The Halmahera tribe, carrying the tribe color yellow, consisted of Brad, Janey, JoJo, Jon, Josh, Krissy, Maisie, Sally and Sam. The Sula tribe, carrying the tribe color blue, consisted of Ashley, Blake, Brendon, Brian, Brittany, Chloe, Hanna, Peter and Raphael.

On day 7 three players, Hanna (ZeloxStar), Brendon (brenelle1120) and Blake (theBRIflyingdude), were banned from Tengaged for being the same person. They were subsequently removed from the game.

On day 8, instead of having a regular Immunity Challenge, a Team Captain Challenge was introduced. The two winners would get to pick new tribes, after it was announced that the two tribes were going to get switched. Brad and JoJo ended winning the challenge, making them immune until the merge and team captains. Brad, Brittany, Josh, Krissy, Peter and Raphael became part of the new Halmahera tribe. Ashley, Brian, Chloe, JoJo and Sam became the new Sula tribe.

On day 11 the two tribes merged into the Nantego tribe, carrying the tribe color green, consisting of Brad, Brittany, Josh, Krissy, Peter, Raphael, Brian, JoJo and Sam.

JoJo (Andie3Palmer) won the season in a 5-1 vote, against Sam (BigBrotherFan132), making her the Sole Survivor.

During the season it was also revealed that the following season would take place in Bali, and would be an All Stars edition, featuring memorable castaways from seasons past.

A total of six players from this season have returned to compete in another season.


Contestant Tengaged User Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total votes
Jon vhancock Halmahera 1st Voted Out
Day 2
Janey janey Halmahera 2nd Voted Out
Day 4
Maisie Masiexo Halmahera 3rd Voted Out
Day 6
Sally Sally212 Halmahera 4th Voted Out
Day 6


brenelle1120 Sula Removed
Day 7
Hanna ZeloxStar Sula Removed
Day 7
Blake theBRIflyingdude Sula Removed
Day 7
Ashley BigBruv Sula Sula 5th Voted Out
Day 8
Chloe Chloeox Sula Sula 6th Voted Out
Day 10
Peter survivor23 Sula Halmahera Nantego 7th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 12
Brian swimboy818 Sula Sula 8th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 14
Brittany Dreamer342 Sula Halmahera 9th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 16
Brad Nostalgic Halmahera Halmahera 10th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 18
Raphael smiley20 Sula Halmahera 11th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 20
Josh blazermaniac94 Halmahera Halmahera 12th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 22
Krissy krisbliss Halmahera Halmahera 13th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 24
Sam BigBrotherFan132 Halmahera Sula Runner-Up 31
JoJo Andie3Palmer Halmahera Sula Sole Survivor 02

^1 Sam played the Hidden Immunity Idol, therefore two votes were not counted.
^2 JoJo played the Hidden Immunity Idol, therefore three votes were not counted.

The GameEdit

Episode title Immunity Eliminated Vote Finish
"An Astonishing Lead"
- Raphael
Sula Jon 5-3-1 1st Voted Out
Day 2
"Try Harder!"
- JoJo
Sula Janey 6-1-1 2nd Voted Out
Day 4
"It Was the Perfect Thing To Do"
- Raphael
Sula Maisie 4-4-3-2-1 3rd Voted Out
Day 6
Sally 4th Voted Out
Day 6
"Sorry, But That's How I Feel"
- Sam
None Brendon No Vote Removed
Day 7
"That's a Negative"
- Sam
Halmahera Ashley 4-1 5th Voted Out
Day 8
"All's Fair in Love and War"
- JoJo
Halmahera Chloe 3-1 6th Voted Out
Day 10
"It's Been Crazy"
- JoJo
Brian Peter 4-1-1-0 7th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 12
"Cutthroat and Ruthless"
- Brian
JoJo Brian 3-2-1-1-1 8th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 14
"This Move Will Definitely Make Me a Villain"
- Raphael
Raphael Brittany 5-1-1 9th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 16
Raphael Brad 2-1-0 10th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 18
"Hard Work"
- JoJo
JoJo Raphael 2-1-1-1 11th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 20
"I Can't Believe It"
- Sam
JoJo Josh 3-1 12th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 22
"An Amazing Alliance Partner"
- Sam
JoJo Krissy 1-0 13th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 24
"I'm so Grateful to be Here"
- JoJo
Jury Vote Sam 5-1 Runner-Up
JoJo Sole Survivor

Episode 1: "An Astonishing Lead"Edit

On the beaches of Maluku Islands in Indonesia 18 new castaways began the adventure of a lifetime. They were quickly divided into two tribes of nine, Halmahera and Sula.

Halmahera, wearing yellow, consisted of Sally, Maisie, Jon, Josh, Brad, JoJo, Janey, Sam and Krissy. Sula, wearing blue, consisted of Brendon, Hanna, Brittany, Raphael, Chloe, Blake, Ashley, Peter and Brian.

On Halmahera Josh, Jon, Sam, JoJo, Sally, Brad, Krissy and Maisie immediately started talking, with Janey quickly becoming the outsider. On Sula Ashley, Brian, Peter and Raphael also started small-talking, but they were quickly interrupted, as they had to go to the first Immunity Challenge.

At the challenge it looked like it was going to be a close race, but Sula ended up beating Halmahera in a blow-out sending Halmahera to Tribal Council.

Back at Halmahera JoJo started strategizing to get Janey out, as she saw her as the weakest member of the tribe, and made an early alliance with Josh and Brad, and they were soon joined by Maisie and Sam. As Tribal Council drew nearer JoJo started to doubt the plan to vote Janey out, and instead wanted to get rid of Jon, who she saw as the biggest threat. Jon meanwhile tried to do some last minute strategizing.

At Tribal Council Jon said he wanted to target the weakest people on the tribe, but ended up voting for Brad, who had done well in the Immunity Challenge. JoJo still had doubts about whether she should vote for Janey or Jon, and ended up voting for Janey, but it didn’t matter as the damage was already done, as Josh, Krissy, Sally, Maisie and Brad all voted for Jon, and he was voted out in a 5-3-1 vote.

Episode 2: "Try Harder!"Edit

Back at camp the five people who voted for Jon were happy to see him go, but everyone was still concerned that they might lose the next challenge, as they had just voted someone out who had done good in the first challenge.

At the Immunity Challenge the tribes had to answer statements made about Maluku Islands with either true or false. It was also announced that they could choose to take a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, which would not be revealed to anyone, if they chose to do so. Krissy, JoJo, Sam and Brad did their best to make sure they wouldn't have to go to Tribal Council again, but Sula, with Ashley, Raphael, Brian and Peter taking charge, won the challenge, sending Halmahera back to Tribal Council.

Back at Sula, both Brendon and Raphael had chosen to take a clue, and they both started looking for the Idol as soon as they got back, but Raphael found it first and quickly hid it, so no one would know he was in possession of it.

At Halmahera the alliance of five was debating if they should vote out Krissy or Janey, who both weren't part of their alliance.

At Tribal Council they ultimately decided that they needed Krissy for strength, and that Janey was the weakest member of the tribe and voted her out in a 6-1-1 vote.

Episode 3: "It Was the Perfect Thing To Do"Edit

As Halmahera got back to camp, they felt confident they had made the right choice in getting out Janey, who wasn't doing anything for the tribe and keeping Krissy, who had proven herself in the challenges. Brad was especially impressed with Krissy's performance in the last couple of challenges.

At the Immunity Challenge it was announced that the tribe who lost the challenge would vote two people out at Tribal Council in the same vote. Which meant only one vote would be held and the people with the highest and second-highest amount of votes would be voted out. Everyone would be given two votes.

The challenge began, and although Halmahera had gotten out Janey, the weak-link, and was trying to do everything they could to win, Sula once again came out on top and won the challenge, sending Halmahera to their third straight Tribal Council, where they would lose two more members of their tribe.

Back at Halmahera the mood was very bad. Everyone was set on voting out Sally, who had not been able to prove herself the last couple of days. As everyone knew they also had to vote out a second person, Brad started campaigning for Krissy to stay, as they needed their strongest players to stay, and instead had to get rid of a weaker player, who was in the five-person-alliance, Maisie. But Sam didn’t agree and instead wanted Brad out.

At Tribal Council Sally was voted out, followed by Maisie, as Brad’s wish was granted. The two weakest players from Halmahera was voted out, and Krissy lived to see another day.

Episode 4: "Sorry, But That's How I Feel"Edit

Back at camp, Halmahera was down to only five members. All five, JoJo, Krissy, Brad, Sam and Josh, knew they needed to start winning if any of them would have any chance at winning the game, let alone make it to the merge.

On Sula things had been good for nine days, but suddenly things started to change. After being caught in cheating, Hanna and Blake were forced to leave the game, and after suspicions arose that Brendon had also cheated, he was also removed from the game along with Blake and Hanna, which left Sula with only six members, despite winning the last three challenges.

Both tribes were quickly gathered and the members of Halmahera learned that they had, out of the blue, been given a second chance to turn things around. Hanna, Blake and Brendon were gone, and so was the old tribes; at the gathering it was also announced that there would be a team-captains challenge and a tribe switch, as the winners of the captains-challenge would get to pick new tribes.

The challenge started and JoJo and Brad, two old Halmahera members, won the challenge, meaning they got to pick the new tribes. In addition to being team-captains, JoJo and Brad also received Immunity until the merge.

After a schoolyard pick, the new Halmahera, with Brad as the captain, consisted of Brittany, Josh, Peter, Raphael and Krissy. The new Sula tribe, with JoJo as the captain, consisted of Sam, Chloe, Brian and Ashley.

Because of the recent dramatic events, the two new tribes were given the day off, and no Tribal Council was held. After Maluku Islands ended, it was also announced that Brendon had in fact, not cheated, and was invited back for the sixth season Survivor: Cameroon, for a shot at redemption.

Episode 5: "That's a Negative"Edit

The two new tribes got back to their camps, some were happy to see the tribe-switch, while others were not happy at all. Brian was extremely worried with his position on the new tribe, and felt he could be voted out, if Sula was not to win Immunity.

At the Immunity Challenge each tribe had to come up with as many words as they possible could, using only letters from the words "Immunity Idol". Halmahera ultimately outsmarted Sula, as they got 286 points, while Sula only got 118 points, and Halmahera, although with new members, won it's first challenge. The person from each tribe who scored the highest amount of points also received a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, which ended up being Sam from Sula and Raphael from Halmahera.

Back at camp both Sam and JoJo were frustrated to once again be on the losing tribe, but Sam quickly started looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol, after receiving a clue at the challenge and after a while was able to find it. Brian knew he needed to scramble to stay around, and campaigned for Ashley to leave, because he was afraid she wouldn't be able to perform good in future challenges. Sam and JoJo agreed with Brian that voting Ashley out would be good for the tribe, even though Chloe wasn't doing good either, and Brian was a bigger threat to take to the merge.

At Tribal Council JoJo and Sam sided with Brian and voted out Ashley in a 4-1 vote, giving Chloe another chance at showing she could become a valuable member of the tribe.

Episode 6: "All's Fair in Love and War"Edit

Back at camp Sam and JoJo both knew Chloe was a weak member, but were still convinced she could do better in the next challenge and that voting Ashley out was the right choice to make.

At Sula Brad was feeling more and more confident, as he had made ties with everyone on his new tribe, and was also safe from elimination until the merge, because he won the captains-challenge. His only concern was whether Sam and JoJo would be able to survive on Sula, so that they could team up again after the merge.

At the Immunity Challenge Sula, and especially Sam and JoJo, were ready to finally win a challenge and stay away from Tribal Council, but it turned out to be harder than they thought, as Halmahera came guns blazing and once again took out all the competition and won the challenge, sending Sula to Tribal Council for the second time, and JoJo and Sam to their fifth straight Tribal Council.

Back at camp, Chloe tried to apologize to her tribe members and promised to do better in future challenges if they would let her stay around, but Sam, Brian and JoJo were all tired of Chloe always being the worst at challenges.

At Tribal Council JoJo, Sam and Brian made the only right choice and voted Chloe out, after two challenges, where she hadn't brought anything to the table.

Episode 7: "It's Been Crazy"Edit

Back at camp Sam, JoJo and Brian were happy they got rid of Chloe, but they were worried what would happen if they lost the next challenge, especially Brian, who knew JoJo and Sam were aligned and probably would vote him out, if they went to Tribal Council again.

Both tribes arrived at the Immunity Challenge, but before it could begin, it was announced that it was time for the two tribes to merge. Sula and Halmahera were no more. From that point on, all competitions would be individual, and only one person would be able to win Immunity and stay safe at Tribal Council.

Instead of the usual challenge, an auction was introduced and everyone had the chance to bid on advantages in the game; a nullifying vote, an extra vote, a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol and the Immunity Necklace. Peter got the extra vote, Sam got the nullifying vote, JoJo earned the Hidden Immunity Idol and Brian got Immunity.

Brian, Brittany, Raphael, JoJo, Peter, Sam, Krissy, Josh and Brad returned to camp and began by deciding the new tribe name, which ended up being Nantego, suggested by JoJo. After a short time with congratulating each other and having fun, strategy quickly took over, and everyone started to scramble to stay alive. JoJo immediately started looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol and it didn't take her long to find it. She also gathered the four other old Halmahera members, Sam, Krissy, Josh and Brad, and told them they needed to stick together, which everyone agreed on. They all decided that Peter was the biggest threat and wanted to vote him out.

Meanwhile Raphael, Peter and Brian also teamed up to take out Sam, because they were afraid JoJo would play an Idol.

At Tribal Council the old Sula members were surprised when Sam produced an Idol and also nullified Brian's vote, sealing Peter's fate, as the old Halmahera members all voted for him, making him the first member of the jury.

Episode 8: "Cutthroat and Ruthless"Edit

Back at camp Raphael and Brian were worried they might be next, after trying to get Sam out at the previous vote, but Raphael still felt like he had one last trick up his sleeve, as he was in possession of the Hidden Immunity Idol.

At the Immunity Challenge Brian and Raphael tried their hardest to win, since they both knew they were on the chopping block, but JoJo ultimately overpowered them and took down the competition, and won her first Immunity Challenge ever.

Back at camp Raphael came up with a plan to get Brad out. He would ask people to vote him out, then play his Hidden Immunity Idol and vote for Brad, who would go home, with the second-highest amount of votes.

But JoJo, Sam and Brad worried Raphael might have an Idol, and also saw Brian as a big threat, since he had Immunity at the last Tribal Council, and decided that voting for him would be their best bet.

At Tribal Council Raphael played his Hidden Immunity Idol, and him and Brian both voted for Brad, but it didn't matter, as the old Halmahera members voted for Brian, sending him home and making him the second member of the jury.

Episode 9: "This Move Will Definitely Make Me a Villain"Edit

After losing two allies in a row, Raphael knew as soon as he got back to camp that he was next to go, if something drastic didn't happen. Both Brian and Peter were out, and the Halmaheras had stuck together so far, with no exceptions.

At the Immunity Challenge it was announced that within three days two more people would be out of the game. First two Immunity Challenges would take place, then everyone would go to the first Tribal Council, where the first person would be voted out, and immediately after go to the second Tribal Council where the second person would be voted out.

After two long intense Immunity Challenges, Raphael did what most people thought was impossible and won both challenges, securing himself a spot in the top five, and forcing the Halmaheras to vote out at least one person from their own alliance.

Back at camp everyone from the old Halmahera was set on voting Brittany, the last remaining old Sula member, who didn't have immunity, out. Everyone was more worried about the second Tribal Council, where someone from Halmahera would have to go. JoJo and Brad, who had long been each other’s nemesis', started targeting each other, both vying for Josh's and Raphael's vote.

Raphael immediately sided with Brad, in trying to get JoJo out, but when JoJo caught wind of the plan to eliminate her, she started considering playing her Idol to stay safe. Meanwhile Brad was finally able to convince Josh to jump ship and take JoJo out, while Sam decided to go with his long-time ally JoJo.

At the first Tribal Council everything went according to plan and Brittany was voted out, but at the second Tribal Council JoJo still didn't feel comfortable and played her Hidden Immunity Idol, meaning the votes she received from Brad, Raphael and Josh didn't count, and Sam and JoJo's votes for Brad was enough to send him home, making him the fourth jury member.

Episode 10: "Hard Work"Edit

Back at camp Raphael knew that he probably would be next to go, if he didn't win Immunity again, as he voted against JoJo at the previous Tribal Council. Meanwhile Sam started to consider if going to Final Tribal Council with JoJo would be such a good idea, as she had done good in the game so far, and started contemplating voting her out, if she didn't win Immunity.

At the Immunity Challenge Raphael and JoJo got off to a good start, but it was JoJo who ended up winning the challenge, even though Raphael tried his hardest to win his third Immunity Challenge and securing himself three more days in the game.

Back at camp Sam's plan to take out JoJo got obliterated, as she had Immunity around her neck. JoJo wanted Raphael gone, while Raphael tried some last-minute scrambling by targeting Sam, who he thought was the biggest threat next to himself and JoJo.

At Tribal Council JoJo stayed true to her Halmahera alliance, and did what she thought was best for herself by voting Raphael out. Along with Sam, they sent him home, making him the fifth jury-member.

Episode 11: "I Can't Believe It"Edit

Back at camp Sam and JoJo celebrated they got out their biggest threat to win game, Raphael, but they also knew there was still two people standing in their way of making it all the way to Final Tribal Council, namely Krissy and Josh, who had been able to sail through the game, because bigger threats had been targeted.

At the Immunity Challenge both JoJo and Sam gave it their all to try and win, so they could take out either Josh or Krissy, and ended up getting the same amount of points. The challenge went into a tie-breaker, and JoJo was able to pull out another victory, making sure she got a spot in the final three, leaving both Krissy and Josh vulnerable at Tribal Council, along with Sam.

Back at camp JoJo and Sam quickly agreed Josh was less deserving of staying around, because he hadn't done anything in the game, but after thinking things through JoJo could also see an advantage in voting Sam out, because she knew he was her biggest threat to win the game.

But at Tribal Council JoJo stuck to her word and voted with Sam to take Josh out, making him the sixth member of the jury.

Episode 12: "An Amazing Alliance Partner"Edit

Back at camp Krissy, Sam and JoJo were proud to have made it to the final three, and all three knew only one Immunity Challenge and one Tribal Council was standing in their way of making it to Final Tribal Council. JoJo still had a tough time deciding whether bringing Sam to the end would be a good idea, if she were to win the last challenge.

At the Immunity Challenge all three contestants left standing had a tough time, as the challenge was divided into five parts and they had only short time to complete all five stages. In the end it came down to Sam and JoJo. After a long struggle JoJo was finally able to pull ahead and won her third challenge in a row, securing herself a spot at Final Tribal Council.

Back at camp JoJo had a tough decision to make. She was still not sure if she should stay loyal and bring Sam with her to the end, or vote him out and take Krissy, who she knew probably wouldn't receive any votes.

At Tribal Council JoJo was finally forced to make a decision and decided that staying loyal to Sam meant more to her than having a better chance at winning the game, and voted Krissy out, making her the seventh and final member of the jury.

Episode 13: "I'm so Grateful to be Here"Edit

Back at camp JoJo and Sam were extremely happy to have made it to the end. They had outlasted 16 other contestants and were finally able to go to Final Tribal Council after sticking together this whole time and also surviving every single Tribal Council held.

After a cold night JoJo and Sam finally headed to Final Tribal Council, where the seven jury-members, Peter, Brian, Brittany, Brad, Raphael, Josh and Krissy, were brought in. Sam and JoJo were allowed to give an opening statement. Sam argued he deserved to win because JoJo was the one who did all the dirty work, and she was also immune at four votes, while he had to fight to stay. JoJo argued she was much more strategic, made big moves and asked the jury to vote like All Stars and vote for the person they thought deserved the win on a strategic level, and not on a personal level.

The jury-session began and Sam quickly became the target of several attacks, especially from Brian, who said Sam's game disgusted him and that he was plain stupid. JoJo also came under attack from Raphael, who said she was a big liar.

After the jury-session, the seven jury-members finally got to vote.

In the end Peter felt that Sam had pissed off fewer people and voted for him to win, but it was not enough to beat JoJo, who got votes from Brittany, Raphael, Brad, Josh and Brian, who all felt she played a much more strategic and physical game, making JoJo the winner of Survivor: Maluku Islands in a 5-1 vote.

At the reunion Sam was a bit disappointed to only get one vote, while JoJo was very proud and grateful to have won the game. Several contestants, eliminated before jury started, also agreed that JoJo deserved the win.

A preview for the fifth season, Survivor: Bali - All Stars, was also revealed, where five contestants from Maluku Islands would also compete, against some of the best from season’s past.

Voting HistoryEdit

  Original Tribes Switched Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Eliminated: Jon
5/9 votes
6/8 votes
4/14 votes
4/14 votes
No vote
No vote
No vote
4/5 votes
3/4 votes
4/9 votes
3/8 votes
5/7 votes
2/3 votes
2/5 votes
3/4 votes
1/1 votes
Voter Vote
JoJo Janey Janey Maisie Sally       Ashley Chloe Peter Brian Brittany Brad Raphael Josh Krissy
Sam Janey Janey Brad Sally       Ashley Chloe Peter Brian Brittany Brad Raphael Josh
Krissy Jon Janey Maisie Sally     Peter Krissy Krissy Krissy Krissy Krissy
Josh Jon Josh Josh Josh           Josh Josh Josh JoJo Josh Josh
Raphael                 Sam Brad Brittany JoJo Sam
Brad Jon Janey Maisie Sally       Peter Brian Brittany JoJo
Brittany                 Brittany Brittany Brittany
Brian             Ashley Chloe None Brad
Peter                 Sam  
Chloe             Chloe Brian    
Ashley             Ashley      
Sally Jon Sally Josh Sam              
Maisie Jon Janey Maisie Sam              
Janey Janey Janey            
Jon Brad              

Jury vote
Finalist: Sam
1/6 votes
5/6 votes
Juror Vote
Krissy Did Not Vote
Josh JoJo
Raphael JoJo
Brad JoJo
Brittany JoJo
Brian JoJo
Peter Sam

Returning castaways Edit

Brad (Nostalgic), Ashley (BigBruv), Raphael (smiley20), JoJo (Andie3Palmer) and Sam (BigBrotherFan132) all returned to compete in All Stars. They finished 18th, 17th, 14th, 12th and 4th respectively.

As part of the redemption-themed season, Survivor: Cameroon, Brendon (brenelle1120) returned for a shot at redemption, after being removed from the game in Maluku Islands. He finished 6th overall.

Ashley (BigBruv) returned to compete for the friends tribe in Survivor: Friends vs. Enemies. She ultimately finished 14th.

Brendon (brenelle1120) returned to compete in Survivor: Grenada, where he ultimately finished 15th.

Brendon (brenelle1120) later returned to compete in Survivor: Kyushu - Unfinished Business, where he ultimately finished in 13th place.

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