Survivor: Mauritania
Winner Jake (TheGreatJake)
No. of Episodes 13
No. of Days 26
No. of Castaways 16
Tribes      Assaba
Venezuela Jonny (Jonny_Algeo)
All Stars Bingo (bingo21)
Colleen (Mittens)
Joshua (rasmusjt48)
Cameroon Daniele (losangelesgirl)
The Caribbean LeQuisha (LusciousLips5)
Friends vs. Enemies Bingo (bingo21)
Colleen (Mittens)
Daniele (losangelesgirl)
Heroes vs. Villains LeQuisha (LusciousLips5)
Kyushu Ivan (ivan1234)
Location Choum, Adrar Region, Mauritania
Original Run 5th of July - 8th of August
Previous season Tasmania
Next season Venezuela

Leli's Survivor: Mauritania is the second season of Leli's Survivor series. Located in Choum, Adrar Region, Mauritania.

The season began casting on the 3rd of August. The official cast was announced on the 4th of August and the game began on the 5th of August.

The Assaba tribe, carrying the tribe color brown, consisted of Bruno, Ivan, Kevin, Kort, LeQuisha, Meli, Parvati and Unit. The Inchiri tribe, carrying the tribe color yellow, consisted of Bingo, Colleen, Daniele, Ella, Jake, Jonny, Joshua and Rowena.

On day 11 the two tribes merged into one tribe. The contestants had to come up with a name for the tribe and Meli suggested Manobo, which become the official tribe name.

On day 15 it was announced that the two tribes would be divided into two teams of 4, that would go to two separate Tribal Councils and two contestants would be voted out. The twist first occured in the first season, Survivor: Tasmania.

Jake (TheGreatJake) won the season in a 2-3 vote, against Bingo (bing21), making him the Sole Survivor.

At the final it was also announced that the third season would take place on the beaches of Nueva Esparta, where 15 new castaways was going to be joined by three returning players from season's past, in Survivor: Venezuela.

A total of five players from this season have returned to compete in another season.


Contestant Tengaged User Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total votes
Ella alyssarasper Inchiri 1st Voted Out
Day 2
Kevin Sweetdude11 Assaba 2nd Voted Out
Day 4
Daniele losangelesgirl Inchiri 3rd Voted Out
Day 6
Bruno Bruno7272 Assaba 4th Voted Out
Day 6
Ivan ivan1234 Assaba 5th Voted Out
Day 8
Parvati lacubanita24 Assaba 6th Voted Out
Day 10
Kort kort Assaba Manobo 7th Voted Out
Day 12
Meli MeLi Assaba 8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 14
Jonny Jonny_Algeo Inchiri Eliminated
2nd Jury Member
Day 16
Joshua rasmusjt48 Inchiri 9th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 16
LeQuisha LusciousLips5 Assaba 10th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 18
Rowena lonelypuppie Inchiri 11th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 20
Unit Unit8890 Assaba 12th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 22
Colleen Mittens Inchiri 13th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 24
Bingo bingo21 Inchiri Runner-Up 1
Jake TheGreatJake Inchiri Sole Survivor 11

^1 Jake played the Hidden Immunity Idol, therefore one vote were not counted.

The GameEdit

Episode title Immunity Eliminated Vote Finish
"Let the Games Begin!"
- LeQuisha
Assaba Ella 4-2-1-1 1st Voted Out
Day 2
"I'm Not Responsible!"
- Ivan
Inchiri Kevin 5-1-1-1 2nd Voted Out
Day 4
"We Need To Keep the Tribe Strong" - Bingo Jake Daniele 6-1 3rd Voted Out
Day 6
Parvati Bruno 3-1-1-1-1 4th Voted Out
Day 6
"Thanks for Letting Me Know"
- Colleen
Inchiri Ivan 3-2-1 5th Voted Out
Day 8
"We Need to Win!"
- LeQuisha
Inchiri Parvati 4-1 6th Voted Out
Day 10
"It Feels Great!"
- Bingo
Bingo Kort 6-1-1-1-1 7th Voted Out
Day 12
"Always the Bridesmaid"
- LeQuisha
Bingo Meli 3-2-1-1-1-1 8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 14
"It Comes Down To Luck"
- Jonny
Bingo Jonny 2-2 Eliminated
2nd Jury Member
Day 16
Joshua 2-1-1 9th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 16
"Tonight May Be the Night"
- Bingo
Bingo LeQuisha 3-2-1 10th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 18
"The Top Quarter"
- Bingo
Bingo Rowena 3-1-02 11th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 20
"Fingers Crossed"
- Bingo
Bingo Unit 4-0 12th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 22
"I Deserve It A Lot More!"
- Jake
Bingo Colleen 1-0 13th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 24
"I Worked Hard To Get Here!"
- Jake
Jury Vote Bingo 3-2 Runner-Up
Jake Sole Survivor

^2 Jake played the Hidden Immunity Idol, therefore the one vote against him did not count.

Episode 1: "Let the Games Begin!"Edit

16 castaways were dropped in Choum, Mauritania, where they began their adventure. They were quickly divided into two tribes of eight.

Assaba consisted of Unit, Meli, Parvati, Kevin, Bruno, Kort, LeQuisha and Ivan. Inchiri consisted of Rowena, Ella, Jonny, Bingo, Daniele, Jake, Colleen and Joshua.

On Assaba, Ivan, Kevin and LeQuisha introduced themselves to each other and started talking. On Inchiri Jake, Bingo and Joshua also introduced themselves to each other, while Daniele told everyone that they needed to win some challenges.

At the Immunity Challenge Jake and Jonny were very enthusiastic. Inchiri came off to an early lead, but Assaba was able to make a come-from-behind victory and took home Immunity, which meant Inchiri would have to vote out the first person.

Back at Inchiri’s camp Colleen, Bingo and Jake started talking and decided to make an alliance. They all agreed that Ella was the weakest person on the tribe and that she needed to go.

At Tribal Council, the three-way alliance’s wish was granted and Ella was the first person voted out.

Episode 2: "I'm Not Responsible!"Edit

Back at camp Inchiri didn’t take long to mourn the loss of Ella, who didn’t do much around camp anyway.

At the Immunity challenge LeQuisha, Bingo, Joshua and Ivan did their best to encourage their respective tribes. While Meli, Kort and Unit scored top for points for Assaba in the challenge, Bruno, Parvati and Kevin were not as convincing. Inchiri did better, with the three-way alliance consisting of Bingo, Jake and Colleen, were able to score top points and Rowena, Joshua and Jonny also scoring good points. As a result Assaba ended up losing the challenge and had to go to Tribal Council.

At the challenge all castaways were also given the opportunity to take a Hidden Immunity Clue, which would mean you had to take three points from your tribe. Jake was the only contestant to take the offer.

Back at Inchiri Joshua, Jake, Bingo, Colleen and Rowena were celebrating their first win. Jake immediately started looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol and it didn’t take him very long to find it, which made him very happy.

At Tribal Council Ivan and LeQuisha explained that they were not responsible for the tribe losing. The rest of the tribe agreed and voted out Kevin, who was the only person not to do the challenge.

Episode 3: "We Need To Keep the Tribe Strong"Edit

Back at Assaba’s camp everyone was happy to see Kevin getting voted out, while Inchiri was still celebrating their first win.

At the Immunity Challenge everyone was surprised when they learned there would be no Tribal Immunity, because both tribes were going to Tribal Council. Instead Individual Immunity was introduced and you had to battle your tribemates to earn Immunity. Parvati ended up winning Immunity on her tribe, while Jake ended up taking it for Inchiri. LeQuisha and Rowena also earned clues to the whereabouts of the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Back at Inchiri’s camp Rowena quickly started looking for the Idol, but after looking for a while she realized that someone else on her tribe had already found it. Meanwhile the three-way alliance decided to pull in Joshua for their alliance and contemplated voting out Daniele, because she was doing a bad job in the challenges.

Back at Assaba’s camp the girls quickly decided that they needed to get out some of the threats left in the game, and thought Bruno might be a good person to vote out. LeQuisha also started looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol and it didn’t take her long to find it.

At Tribal Council the three-way alliance’s wish was granted and Daniele was voted out. At the second Tribal Council LeQuisha and Kort banded together to take out Bruno.

Episode 4: "Thanks For Letting Me Know"Edit

After coming back from Tribal Council the three-way alliance was happy the weakest member on their tribe had been voted out. In Assaba’s camp Kort and LeQuisha was happy to see one of the threats get voted out.

At the Immunity Challenge Inchiri was nervous they might not be able to win the Immunity again, but when the final results of the challenge were revealed it became clear that Inchiri was a force to be reckoned with, as they won the challenge by a landslide.

Back at Assaba’s camp Kort, LeQuisha and Meli was considering voting out yet another challenge threat in Ivan. Ivan knew he might be in trouble and tried to pull in Parvati to take out Kort.

At Tribal Council Ivan was successful in getting Parvati to vote out Kort, but Kort, LeQuisha and Meli all banded together to take out Ivan, who became the fifth person voted out, leaving Parvati by herself.

Episode 5: "We Need To Win!"Edit

Back at Assaba’s camp the three girls were happy to see Ivan out of the game, while Parvati felt very alone and decided to distance herself from the rest of her tribe. LeQuisha told her tribe-members that they needed to win the next challenge if they wanted to survive post-merge.

At the Immunity Challenge it became clear that Inchiri had taken control of the challenges and they once again pulled off a win. Despite LeQuisha’s best efforts to get her tribe up in gear, they lost yet another challenge.

Back at Assaba’s camp Meli wanted to get out the last remaining guy on the tribe, Unit. But Kort and LeQuisha wanted outsider Parvati out of the game.

At Tribal Council Meli decided to vote for Unit, but it wasn’t enough to get him out as Kort and LeQuisha voted out Parvati, who was too big of an outsider.

Episode 6: "It Feels Great!"Edit

Back at Assaba’s camp Meli, LeQuisha, Unit and Kort were nervous that only being four people left on the tribe would hurt them.

At the Immunity Challenge, everyone was happy when it was announced that the two tribes would be merging. Immediately following the big news the first challenge for Individual Immunity began. Jonny, Kort, Joshua and Meli all tried their hardest to take home the Immunity necklace, but it ultimately came down to a battle between LeQuisha, from the old Assaba, and Bingo, from the old Inchiri. In the end Bingo was able to win the challenge, and got Immunity.

Back at camp Meli got to the name the new merged tribe. She chose Manobo. Meanwhile the three-way alliance and Joshua were considering who to vote out, but ultimately decided that Kort was the biggest threat, who was part of the old Assaba tribe. Meli also felt that Kort needed to be voted out, while LeQuisha thought Joshua should go home.

At Tribal Council Kort tried to save herself by saying she didn’t any reason to vote her out, but the three-way alliance stuck to their guns and voted Kort out of the game.

Episode 7: "Always the Bridesmaid"Edit

Back at camp only Meli, LeQuisha and Unit remained from the old Assaba tribe and knew they might be in trouble if they didn’t win Immunity.

At the Immunity Challenge the challenge came down to LeQuisha, Meli and last challenge winner Bingo. LeQuisha came in third place, and although Meli tried her best, she was not able to beat Bingo, who won Immunity again, which prompted LeQuisha to say that she was always the bridesmaid and never the bride.

Back at camp the three-way alliance was not in agreement as to who they should vote out. Bingo wanted LeQuisha out, while Jake thought Meli was the biggest threat.

At Tribal Council Jake went against his alliance and got Joshua and Jonny with him. Together they voted out Jake’s target Meli.

Episode 8: "It Comes Down To Luck"Edit

Back at camp LeQuisha and Unit worried they might be next to go, as they were the only two left from the old Assaba tribe.

At the Immunity Challenge it was announced that the tribe would be split up in two teams. Each team would go to Tribal Council alone and vote someone out, meaning two people would get voted out. Everyone was shocked and unprepared for the twist, but they didn’t have time to collect themselves as the next Immunity Challenge was already starting. After a long battle Bingo came out on top and won his third straight Immunity Challenge. After the Immunity Challenge it was announced that Jake, Jonny, Rowena and LeQuisha would go to the first Tribal Council, while Bingo, Unit, Colleen and Joshua would go to the second Tribal Council.

Back at camp Bingo wanted Unit out, since he was the last remaining Assaba member he could vote out, while Unit was hoping he could pull off a miracle and get Joshua out. Meanwhile LeQuisha tried to get Rowena to help her take out Jonny, but knew that it probably wouldn’t work. Jake and Jonny agreed to vote out LeQuisha, because she was from the old Assaba, and because she was a challenge threat. At the first Tribal Council Rowena ultimately decided to go with LeQuisha and vote out Jonny, but Jake and Jonny voted for LeQuisha, and a re-vote had to take place. When they once again tied, they had to pull purple rocks. Jonny’s luck was up and he ended up pulling the purple rock and was eliminated from the game. In the second vote Unit was able to save himself as Joshua was voted out of the game.

Episode 9: "Tonight May Be the Night"Edit

Back at camp LeQuisha and Unit were still in shock that both of them survived the double Tribal Council, but they also knew they might still be in trouble. Jake, Bingo and Colleen were sad to see their ally Joshua get voted out.

At the Immunity Challenge Bingo and LeQuisha once again took the lead, but Jake also stepped up his game and tried to take Immunity. Jake was able to beat LeQuisha, but Bingo was once again the clear winner.

Back at camp Jake, Bingo and Colleen knew they needed to get out LeQuisha, who had done very well in challenges, while LeQuisha and Unit wanted to Colleen out. Bingo was afraid the vote would end in a tie and worried either Jake or Colleen would get voted out.

At Tribal Council LeQuisha decided not to play her Hidden Immunity Idol, which could have saved her, and Bingo, Colleen and Jake finally got their biggest enemy out of the game.

Episode 10: "The Top Quarter"Edit

Back at camp Bingo, Jake and Colleen were happy to have gotten out LeQuisha. Unit knew he might be in trouble, but still thought he had a chance as Rowena was responsible for getting out Jonny, an ally of the three-way alliance.

At the Immunity Challenge it came down to Jake, Bingo and Rowena, who knew she needed Immunity to secure herself a spot in the top quarter. In the end she was not able to beat Jake and Bingo, who were far superior to her. Bingo ultimately won the challenge at took home Immunity for the fifth straight time.

Back at camp Unit and Rowena knew it would be one of them leaving the game. Bingo, Jake and Colleen knew that if they wanted a chance of winning, one of them had to go.

At Tribal Council Jake played his Hidden Immunity Idol, but it wouldn’t have mattered as the three-way alliance still had majority. They finally got their revenge on Rowena, for taking out Jonny, and voted her out of the game.

Episode 11: "Fingers Crossed"Edit

Back at camp Unit knew his time would be up if he didn’t win Immunity. Meanwhile Colleen, Jake and Bingo were happy to have made it to the final four, but still had one person to take out before they could celebrate.

At the Immunity Challenge Bingo felt very comfortable that he could win again. The challenge ended up being a battle between Bingo and Unit, but Unit was not able to beat challenge dominator Bingo, as he took home Immunity for the sixth time.

Back at camp Unit knew his time was up. The three-way alliance was very happy that they could go to the end together.

At Tribal Council everything went as planned and the three-way alliance voted out the last member of the old Assaba tribe, and Unit left the game.

Episode 12: "I Deserve It A Lot More!"Edit

Back at camp Jake, Colleen and Bingo were very happy to have made final three. They all think they are going to Final Tribal Council, but they quickly realize that there’s still one Immunity Challenge and one Tribal Council to go, before they can get to speak to the jury. All three are very bummed out by the news.

At the Immunity Challenge it comes down to a race between Jake and Bingo, who has been battling it out all season, but Bingo is able to win Immunity one last time, meaning he won every single Individual Immunity Challenge you could win.

Back at camp Bingo has a tough decision to make. He has to choose between Colleen and Jake. He knows that Jake will be harder to beat, but he is not sure that he will be able to vote him out. Jake and Colleen both do what they can to convince Bingo that they shouldn’t be voted out.

At Tribal Council Bingo ultimately decided to vote out Colleen, because he felt Jake deserved to stay more than her. He knew it might cost him the title, but he couldn’t vote out his closest ally. Colleen tells Bingo it’s okay and leaves Tribal Council.

Episode 13: "I Worked Hard To Get Here!"Edit

Back at camp Jake and Bingo are very happy to have made the final two, and they both know that all they have to do now is convince the jury that they should win the title of winner of Survivor: Mauritania.

The final two arrive at the Final Tribal Council. Soon after the jury, consisting of Meli, Jonny, Joshua, LeQuisha, Rowena, Unit and Colleen, arrives ready to ask the final two questions.

Both Jake and Bingo explained how they played a great game. Bingo explained his game from start to finish and also won a lot of challenges. Jake explained that he deserved to win because he worked extremely hard and played good social and strategic game.

In the end Unit and Colleen decided to reward Bingo for a great psychical game by giving him their votes, but it was not enough to beat Jake, who received votes from LeQuisha, Meli and Jonny, making him the winner of Survivor: Mauritania. Jake was very happy with his win, and Bingo, who received second place, congratulated his friend and long time ally.

At the reunion it was announced that season three would find fifteen new castaways being joined by three former castaways returning for a second chance, on the beaches of Margarita Island, in Survivor: Venezuela.

Voting HistoryEdit

Original Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Eliminated: Ella
4/8 votes
5/8 votes
6/7 votes
3/7 votes
3/6 votes
4/5 votes
6/10 votes
3/9 votes
No Vote
2/4 votes
3/6 votes
3/5 votes
4/4 votes
1/1 vote
Jake Ella Daniele Jake Meli Rowena LeQuisha Rowena Unit
Bingo Ella Daniele Kort LeQuisha Unit LeQuisha Rowena Unit Colleen
Colleen Ella Colleen Kort Colleen Colleen LeQuisha Rowena Unit
Unit Bruno LeQuisha Unit Parvati Unit Unit Joshua Colleen Unit Unit
Rowena Daniele Daniele Rowena Rowena Jonny Rowena Jake
LeQuisha Kevin Bruno Ivan Parvati Joshua Rowena Jonny Colleen
Joshua Bingo Daniele Kort Meli Joshua
Jonny Joshua Daniele Kort Meli Rowena
Meli Meli Ivan Ivan Unit Kort Joshua
Kort Kevin Bruno Ivan Parvati Kort
Parvati Kevin Meli Kort Parvati
Ivan Kevin Kort Kort
Bruno Kevin Bruno
Daniele Joshua Daniele
Kevin Kort
Ella Ella
Jury vote
Finalist: Bingo
2/5 votes
3/5 votes
Juror Vote
Colleen Bingo
Unit Bingo
Rowena Did Not Vote
LeQuisha Jake
Joshua Did Not Vote
Jonny Jake
Meli Jake

Returning PlayersEdit

Jonny (Jonny_Algeo) returned to compete in the following season, Survivor: Venezuela, placing 7th overall.

Bingo (bingo21), Colleen (Mittens) and Joshua (rasmusjt48) returned to compete in Survivor: Bali - All Stars, placing 9th, 7th and 6th respectively.

As part of the redemption-themed season, Survivor: Cameroon, Daniele (losangelesgirl) returned for a shot at redemption, after her apperance in Mauritania. She ultimately finished 2nd.

LeQuisha (LusciousLips5) returned for Survivor: The Caribbean, along with three other former players, for a second chance. She ultimately came in 10th place.

Bingo (bingo21) and Colleen (Mittens) returned to compete as a friends pair in Survivor: Friends vs. Enemies along with Daniele (losangelesgirl) who competed for the Enemies tribe. Bingo and Colleen finished 12th and 8th respectively, while Daniele came in 13th place.

LeQuisha (LusciousLips5) later returned for Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, as a member of the Villains tribe, where she ultimately came in 4th place.

Ivan (ivan1234) returned to compete in Survivor: Kyushu - Unfinished Business, where he ultimately finished in 15th place.

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