Let's Travel

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Genre Drama
Created By


Country of  Orgin United States
Language(s) English 
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 5
Executive Producer(s)



JosephinaAlexis Brogs17

Production Team SexySelfieProductions

Original Site

Original Run August 12, 2013-
Series Opening
Coming soon
Related Show Life as ME.

Let's Travel is an American/UK group game that has been brought to Tengaged on August 12, 2013. The role playing series stars many role-playing actors from the site of Tengaged. 

Let's Travel has it's main focus on college students being set on an assignment to travel five-seven parts of the world, and too study each of it's history. The college students would be set in a plane to the location they are set to go in, and to study it's history by touring the entire country in just three-four days. The college students all know each other really well, and are excited  that they have been chosen, but they don't know what can happen on there way around the world. The characters in the show also might feature home sick, height fears, airplane fears, and much more traumatizing events.

Production team SexySelfieProductions tells viewers to that if they are told to re-new the series, then it would be re-newed for December 2013, and not too early because of other groups being listed around the time. JosephinaAlexis discussed to some viewers in games, messages, and groups on how the series would turn out to be if it was to be re-newed for another season. The production has made it's final decision that the season would be re-newed, but with removing a few of the first season characters, and adding new characters into the season.




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