Life as ME.
Genre Drama
Created By JosephinaAlexis
Country of Orgin United States
Originals Language(s) English
No. of Seasons 2
No. of Episodes 20

Filming Location (Group #5596)
Original Site
Season Run

January 25th, 2012-

Welcome to "Life as ME." HomePage               

Please know that "Life as ME." is just a group game on Tengaged, and not an actual show. FMHS is located in Los Angeles, California (Not Real School). 


About "Life as ME.": Edit

The RPG (Role Playing Game) was going to be called "Young Life", but then JosephinaAlexis's thought that it wasn't going to fit just correct with the show. Katherine (JosephinaAlexis) thought that it should be called "Life as ME.", because she wanted to do an RPG about high-school teenagers going threw many experience's as they're getting older. Season One premiered on January 25th, 2013 and the Episode One forum had 754 comments, and the Episode Two forum made 1022 comments. Season One increased started with 16 users, and going threw out the season many more users joined the cast, and in the "Season One: Finale" episode there was about thirty-five users that joined the show.

The SeasonsEdit

# Season Season Run  Episodes  Favorite Character Total Comments
Life as ME Small
01/25/13-03/28/13      10
JosephinaAlexis Small
Season 2 sign
03/30/13-06/14/13      10
3 Season 3 07/15/13      5

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