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January 25 - March 28, 2013

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The first season of the role playing group game "Life as ME.", and premiered on January 25th, 2013, and the season finale was on March 28th, 2013. The first season of the RPG (Role Playing Game) had many discoveries of each and every character of the show. If you're wanting to read what happens threw out the whole season you can either read more at the bottom, or go to the main page.

The show involves fictional high school students trying to experience new obstacles coming into their lives. The students have to face threw many things such as Sex, Drugs, Relationships, Sexuality, Disorders, Acceptance, and other issues that come threw life.


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"Welcome Home Fresh-MEATS"Edit

January 25, 2013


In the beginning of the episode the teenagers are preparing themselves for the first day back to school, and are hoping that nothing bad happens to them while they're in high school. Katherine is thinking that high-school is the big-break and everything is going to change for her, and so her two best friends Skylar and Alicia don't think so, and stop being her friend. Kidd and Katrine start to know each-other a little better. Jake and Katherine also chat together, and begin having feelings for one another. Austin and Emily also get to talk to each other. Katherine also chats with Kidd, and begins to like him more than Jake, but Kidd doesn't have feelings for her at the moment. Alicia wanted drama, and so she made a facebook page called "I Hate Kathy" which had 100+ likes.
2 2 "High School Royalty" January 26, 2013    1022
The episode had the teenagers fighting for the spot of being "High School Royalty" and which would make the student be Royalty for the entire month. In the episode we had the teenagers sign up for club's that they can attend right after school, and many teenagers signed up for many clubs. Katrine and Kidd get to know more each other and find that they have much more in common that they thought, and Katherine doesn't like that. The school has a Fall Dance, and which everyone attends. Austin invites Emily to his house right after the dance was over, and once it was over they went to the house, and talked which ended up having sex. The drama teacher told the class the lead roles of the "Romeo and Juliet" play. Katrine and Kidd leave the dance and goes to Kidd's house, and when they arrive Kidd's house was on fire and they both got worried. Kidd went inside and got the most valuable stuff that was from his family, but when Kidd got out the house a piece of wood fell on top of him leaving him dizzy. Katrine was at the hospital to check on how Kidd was doing, and turns out that he was perfectly find, and just a small injury. Ending the episode with Katrine and Kidd talking about the relationship.
3 3 "Where's Romeo and Juliet?" Janauary 30, 2013    1256  
While everyone is preparing themselves for the Romero & Juliet play, Austin was late to the process & didn't get to play Romeo, so his understudy Kidd had to fill in for him. Katrine was happy to see fill in the spot for Austin. Kidd and Katrine did a wonderful play, and sold many tickets to the play. At the next day the play had been on the school's newspaper as the Best Play of FMHS History. Later at the day there was a football game for the freshman's and sophomores, and the sophomore's won. The couples recently had there one month anniversary. The teenagers then went for some dinner at Ileana's Pizzeria after the football game, and they got to know many things about each other. The episode closed with Emily wanting to talk to Jason, but Katherine kept talking to him, and Emily ran outside crying, because she didn't get what she wanted. 
4 4 "Reality Show Ruins Sectionals" February 2, 2013    2362
The GLEE Club is preparing themselves to Sectionals in this episode. Katherine was planning to move to another state after many problems that were going on in her life, and so she took a little car ride to get her mind off of those things. Katherine stopped her car, when she saw a bunch of guys wanting to know if anyone wanted to have there own reality series, and Katherine got interested and told them about the school. The next Katherine told everyone, and they all got so happy about it, and the reality show put many cameras around the school to record the daily lives of the teenagers, and they were wasting a lot of electricity. The GLEE club were heading to sectionals, and while they were performing there song the lights went off, because of the reality series, and causing them to lose. The episode ended with the teenagers that are in school clubs going to Six Flags, and enjoying there time. The glee club was called back, and were the winners of regionals.
5 5 "Life with an Enemy" February 5, 2013    1220
Kidd told a lie to Katherine, and Katherine felt bad because she considered Kidd as one of her best male friends. Kidd didn't care much about Katherine at all, so Katherine ignored him for a while. The school had a Sadie Hawkins Dance and Jake took Katherine, so he can tell her that he liked her. Katherine was still ignoring Kidd, and didn't talk to him for an entire month. Katrine started to notice what was going on, and talked to Kidd, but Kidd ignored Katrine's words. Katherine left the dance with Jake. Ending the episode with Keiko and Amy heading to the dance, but they ended up getting in a car accident.
6 6 "Little ME." February 7, 2013    1506
The teenagers go back in the past of how they were little kids, and how there life was being alright. Then they stop thinking and continue on reality. Amy and Keiko are much more better from the accident and there friends threw them a "Welcome Back" party. Katherine had her birthday party, and she had a blast with her friends. The valentines happened, and everyone seemed to enjoys it but Katherine. Closing the episode with Katrine singing a song to Kidd of her feelings towards him. 
7 7 "Sexy Bitches" February 12, 2013    974
The glee club came back to school once they found out they were officially back in regionals. The school had a bake sale to raise money for school funds. The girls got to take a bikini photo-shoot, and talked to each other about how they felt about one and another. Ending the episode with the teens picking out a spring-break vacation resort to Cancun, Mexico. 
8 8 "Party at Cancun" February 20, 2013    1040
The teenagers take a small trip to Cancun, Mexico for there Spring-Break getaway. Katherine starts to like Corbin, and they begin to go out. Corbin likes Amy, but is using Katherine to make Amy jealous. Amy and Keiko have there first time in Cancun. Skylar leaves to New York to become a more better person. Sofia, Katrine, and Katherine all get to know each other a little more than before. The episode ended with Katherine and Corbin breaking up, because of Corbin liking Amy more. 
9 9 "Welcome Back?" February 26, 2013    309
Skylar return, but it was only too get a few things she left behind, and to say final comments to her friend. Katherine is a little sad that Skylar left, but doesn't feel a lot sad. 
10 10 "Did we make Regionals?" March 10, 2013     868
The GLEE club went to regionals, and performed there song Edge of Glory (by Lady Gaga). Then we had Katrine have a little getaway with her family, so we didn't get to see her a lot in the episode. Kidd and Amy get to know each other a little better than before, and they end up making love. Kidd realized he made a terrible mistake, and he told Amy to keep her mouth shut. The GLEE club didn't win sectionals, but there club is still open. The season finale episode ended with Kidd, Katrine, and Missy going to a cemetery leaving a flower for a relative that has past away, and was very important in there life. 



Katherine and Keiko (Portrayed by JosephinaAlexis/KeikoM)

The season started off with a few cast members, but at the end of the season it made about thirty-five new members. The cast were all doing great in there work, and which made Life as ME. go into a second season. All of the cast members kept the drama clean. In the middle of the season all of the cast were given a note that said if they're character was a "Lead, Main, or Recurring". The cast made a big season finale scene that they wanted to continue in the next season. 


Applications where always opened threw out the entire season. The season started off with sixteen cast members, and by the end of the season the show had made thirty-give cast members. The applications were closed in the season finale. 

Season One Character's
Username Character School Year Notes
JosephinaAlexis Katherine Adams Freshman Lead
Maya10 Katrine Debreaux Freshman Lead
KOKidd Kidd Carter Freshman Lead
JakeHou97 Mike Rizzo Freshman Lead
Amylou8251 Amy Jenkins Sophomore Lead
KeikoM Keiko Mi'hiliahu Sophomore Lead
Brenchal333 Tyler Drest Sophomore  Lead
Guap Alicia Barnes Freshman Main
Serenagirl13 Clara Johnson Freshman Main
KarmaArrived Skylar Ann Michaels Sophomore  Main
FlamerGamer8 Corbin Davis Sophomore Main
JasonCutie7542 Jason Little Sophomore  Main
Owlb0ned Sofia Phillips Sophomore Main
MissAlice Missy Alder Sophomore Main
Lilsaiz Destery Johnson Sophomore Main
Glinda Phobe Tokens Junior Main
Benner_2304 Jacob Moores Freshman Recurring
George_Girl Emily Benson Sophomore Recurring
AwesomeSauce4444 Kyle Recard  Sophomore Recurring
MonaMania Donny Connor Junior Recurring
AustinRandall Austin Marks Junior  Recurring
BBobsessor Lola Stewarts Junior Recurring
  • Not all of the cast is in this list, because due to them being inactive. 


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