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March 30, 2013-

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The second season of the role playing game "Life as ME." and the season had it's premiere on March 30, 2013, and ended on TBA. The season brought many new characters to the season, and also left some main characters from season one. 

This season we have the teenagers going into a part of there life that they will have to make a correct choice. The teenagers go threw Sex, Drugs, Religeon, Homophobia, False Pregnancies, Bullying, Rumors, Underage Drinking, Relationships, and Suicide Thoughts. In this seaso there was also a School Shooting, and which was a main focus of the shooting massacre of Sandy Hook.

Keiko Mi'hiliahu (portrayed by KeikoM), Alicia Barnes (Guap), Jason Little (JasonCutie7542), and Tyler Drest (Brenchal333) those main roles from last season aren't going to be appearing in this season. 


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"New Year. New People. New Drama"Edit

March 30, 2013


The new cast gets introduced in this episode, and the old cast still continue on the drama that they have left off on before Summer break. Katherine is now wanting to prove Amy wrong, and become the right person. Katrine found out about Kidd and Amy making love while she was gone with her family. 
12 2 "Whats Going to Happen Now?" April 1, 2013    1716
The teenagers are now more worried whats going to happen in this school year. Katrine is thinking of suicide thoughts after what she heard that Kidd and Amy made love. Kidd was being ignored by Katrine, and did weird things to keep his mind off of that topic. Katherine is starting to think that Amy is pregnant by Kidd. Amy begins to eat a lot, and Katherine is getting more suspicious. 
13 3 "Rumor Has It ..." April 4, 2013    1485
The rumors of Amy being pregnant go around the school, and Katherine feels a little happy that shes going to bring her down. Kidd and Katrine start to talk after the accident with Amy. Kidd was being accused that he might be the father of Amy's child. Episode closed with GLEE club going into sectionals, and winning.
14 4 "Sexy Bitches 2.0" April 10, 2013    116
The theater club had made a play to say thanks to Ms.Chang for all her hard work. Secret Santa in the school didn't work out  very well for the teenagers. 
15 5 "Katrine's Charity" April 26, 2013    873
In this episode we will be having Katrine's Charity that will be donating to help many children with diseases in the local hospital. Katrine walks in the GLEE club class, and she tells them that she will be hosting a Concert Charity at a(n) abandoned parking lot. There will be celebrities singers/bands that will be singing to support and raise money for the cause. Katrine is hoping that the charity goes very well. In this episode we will have Skylar Ann (played by KarmaArrived) come back from New York to visit her friends from FMHS. Amy finds out that she is over seven months pregnant, and tells Corbin that the baby is hers. but it's actually Kidd's baby that she is expecting. Katherine is trying to become the same-old girl from when she was a freshman, and not be rude to others. Missy is still sad that she couldn't find her biological father when she went to Florida.
16 6 "Shooting Bullets" May 3, 2013    501
In this episode we will be a(n) actual serious episode that will be focusing on the shooting that happened in 2012 about the Sandy Hook Shooting that lost lives of many yound children and great teachers/principal. This episode will begin with the FMHS students heading into the after-school club's and while they're in there clubs they hear a gun shots & they all get scared, so they all go in lock down. The cheer-leaders and football team/squad go inside the theater room before anything happens to them. They're all in the class-room in a scared mood. While they're in the rooms they are confessing feelings for each other, and also confessing the things that have done to one another. After they talk for a while, and such they all hear one more bullet. Katherine is scared because Skylar wasn't in the room with the other's. Katherine goes outside, and see's that Skylar was right outside the classroom door with a two bullets in her back. The shooter was a student that used to attend FMHS, and it was Keiko (KeikoM) who found out that Amy was pregnant & wanted to kill her because she cheated on him. After a few minutes everything was back to normal, and the police arrested Keiko. Skylar didn't make it. The next day everyone talks about what happened from the previous day. Amy turned out not to be pregnant.
17 7

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