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Season 1: "Vegas, Baby!"
Winner TBA
Season 2: "Hollywood Hitchin'!"
Winner TBA
Season 3: "Karma's A Bitch!"
Winner TBA

"Like, Totally Big Brother!" is a Tengaged Group Game franchise, created and managed by presenter and host, TotallyMicheal. It is exclusively based off of the American version of the Big Brother reality television show. It follows a group of Tengaged users playing a simulated version of the aforementioned reality show, "living" in a (like-wise) simulated "Big Brother" house. In this house, the group of house-guests embark on a constant battle for advantages, luxuries, and most importantly: power. The house-guest that can endure the 10-"week" long power struggle of each season, becomes the winner of that respective season, and claims the grand prize of bragging rights and a spot on TotallyMicheal's gift list. Although the rules extensively follow that of the American version, each season is played out with a new, unique twist on the general format of the game, with a corresponding theme and tag-line.

Competing FormatEdit

At the dawn of each Big Brother cycle, a Head of Household competition takes place. The victor of this weekly competition wins the title of Head of Household for that week; this house-guest inherits freedom from the threat of eviction, and the responsibility of nominating two other house-guests for eviction. After these nominations take place, the house-guests partake in a Power of Veto competition, the winner of this competition becomes that week's Power of Veto Holder. With this power comes safety from being nominated after the PoV ceremony, and the right to veto one of the nominations. If one of the nominations is vetoed, the Head of Household must then name a replacement nominee. After all is said and done, all house-guests not nominated, or Head of Household, cast a vote to evict. The house-guest with the most amount of votes is evicted from the Big Brother house. If there is a tie, the Head of Household of that week casts the deciding vote. This process continues, until we've slimmed down to two final house-gusets. At the final 9 mark, the Jury of 7 begins to form. These house-guests are given the responsibility of crowning the winner of that season.

Season DetailsEdit

Season House-guests Start Date End Date Days Runner-up Winner Twist
Big Brother 15 November 10th, 2011 Cancelled 54 N/A N/A

"Back To Basics!"

Seemingly basic Big Brother rules, but "The Chen-Bot Shoppe" and competitions that required sacrificing house privelages and buying special powers tended to rock the cradle. Followed theme of "grade school".

Big Brother 1 TBA TBA TBA 30 TBA TBA "Vegas, Baby!"

Undisclosed twist, that follows the theme of Las Vegas, gambling, and the casino.

BIg Brother 2 TBA TBA TBA 30 TBA TBA "Hollywood Hitchin'!"

Undisclosed twist, that follows the theme of drama-filled, short-term Hollywood Marriages.

Big Brother 3 TBA TBA TBA 30 TBA TBA "Karma's A Bitch!"

Undisclosed twist, that follows the theme of karma and Saṃsāra.

Significant RecordsEdit

Record Season House-guest Frequency Note(s)
Head of House-hold Big Brother Pss817 2 Won two HoH's in a row, weeks 3 and 5, since he could not compete in week 4's HoH competition, due to the rules of Big Brother.
Power of Veto I_PullDaStrings 3 Entered the house on week 3 and won the following 3 week's PoV competitions, for both, he was not on the block prior.
Nominations HippyDude126 4 Nominated weeks 3, 4, 5, and 6 in a row, directly succeeding his HoH reign.
Votes to evict Jones143 8 Back-doored on Week 1 and received 8 out of 10 votes to evict him.

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