Link's Survivor
Survivor logo 1808664
Genre Reality Competition
Created by themissinglink
Country of Origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of Seasons 21
Original Run March 2012 - May 2014
Original Site Tengaged Groups
Main Group
Viewers Lounge

Link's first survivor season began on March 27th, 2012. The first generation ended after Heroes vs Villains, and was officially declared over on the 18th of August 2014. It was based off of the popular Survivor show where castaways are put onto tribes and voted off of the island, eventually merging into one tribe, fighting for individual immunity and becoming jury members or going to the finals to depend on the jury's vote to win.


# Season Location Sole Survivor Runner(s)-Up Vote Notes
1 Pearl Islands Pearl Islands, Panama Epstar59 Swimboy818 4-3 First season to have multiple tribe switches. Introduced the mutiny.
2 Cook Islands Aitutaki, Cook Islands Porschefan101 Hinata0014 5-2 Introduced Exile Island. First season to have the public as a juror.
3 Tocantins - The Brazilian Highlands Jalapão, Tocantins, Brazil LoganWorm Rumtin Naruto213 5-3-1 Introduced the Leaders twist. First season to have New castaways vs. Returning castaways. First season without any tribe switches.
4 Palau Koror, Palau Sunslicer2 FireFlameVG 7-0 Introduced Redemption Island. Featured the Envelope Twist at one tribal.
5 The Amazon Rio Negro, Amazonas, Brazil CK11 ryan5676 cfff 4-2-1 First season to divide tribes based off age. First season to have three tribes total.
6 Iceland -
A Viking Saga
Askja, Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland Leli14 ferdinandz TDO88 4-2-1 Featured a tribe of veterans against a tribe of rookies, "Fans vs. Favorites" was the title of the season.
7 Galapagos Pinzon, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador ChilltownBB7 Jakehou97 & losangelesgirl 5-1-1 First season to have four tribes.
8 Thailand Ko Tarutao, Satun Province, Thailand BlueJays96 CrazyLocoBeast 4-3 First season were the Sprint Player of the Season vote was limited to members of the Viewers Lounge
9 All-Stars Hirta, St. Kilda, Scotland Leli14 BlueJays96 ryan5676 5-4-0 First season to feature only returning players.
First season to have a two time winner.
First season to have two previous winners in the Final 3.
10 Japan Ryukyu Islands, Japan Renegade628 jmain14 5-3 First season not to feature hidden immunity idols. Introduced the Black Vote.
11 Egypt Siwa Oasis, Egypt Gaiaphage Black0ut247 & Lemjam6 8-0-0 First season to feature previous players as coaches.
12 Alaska Kobuk Valley National Park, Alaska, USA Chastain Waggamuffin pens87 4-3-2 First season to begin with only two tribes and add a third tribe later on.
13 Bermuda Triangle - The Shifting Isles Marsh Harbour, Abaco Islands, The Bahamas dfalc7 Missalice3 Rumtin 6-5-0 Tribes switched after every tribal council. Season then merged with Dono's Survivor: Bermuda Triangle.
14 Cape Three Points Ankasa National Park, Cape Three Points, Ghana Chastain Staymellow 8-1 Initial tribes were divided by the 3 elements of Survivor: Strategy, Physical, Social.
15 The Australian Outback Herbert River at Goshen Station, Queensland, Australia Zuelke LoyalLestrange 4-3 First season to go Back-To-Basics.
16 Vietnam Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park, Vietnam Sicnarf2789 oXAlyssaXo & Skittles22399 6-0-0 3 former players that had been "screwed" in their previous seasons returned as "tribe leaders".
17 Second Chances Wadi Rum, Aqaba Governorate, Jordan Jxhn sergeant wangifold 3-3-1
Featured first-time returning players who needed a 2nd Chance to prove themselves. Reintroduced Redemption Island and had the first tie at a Final Tribal Council.
18 Marquesas Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia, France Giraffez hobo232 MartinHamsik 4-3-0 Introduced the Idol of Suffering. Featured a mutiny.
19 Madagascar Marolambo, Atsinanana, Madagascar andejene20 5651Omar Kikorus 4-3-0 Featured four starting tribes.
20 Tristan da Cunha Gough Island, Tristan da Cunha, British Overseas Territory OldNewz 5651Omar hinata0014 6-3-1 Featured 16 pairs of returning castaways. Introduced Last Hope.
21 Heroes vs. Villains Quttinirpaaq National Park, Canada Flamingjoe LoganWorm SimvivoRWay 5-3-1 Featured twenty castaways returning with the labels "Heroes" and "Villains".

Season RankingsEdit

1. Galapagos
2. All Stars
3. Pearl Islands
4. Alaska
5. Tristan da Cunha
6. Iceland - Fans vs Favourites
7. Heroes vs Villains
8. BT - The Shifting Isles
9. Marquesas
11. Cape Three Points
12. Egypt
13. Madagascar
14. Thailand
15. Vietnam
16. Second Chances
17. The Amazon
18. Cook Islands
19. Palau
20. The Australian Outback
21. Japan

Winner RankingsEdit

1. ChilltownBB7/Sunslicer2
2. Leli14 (All Stars)
3. Gaiaphage
4. LoganWorm
5. Chastain (Alaska)
6. Sicnarf2789
7. Chastain (Cape Three Points)
8. Renegade628
9. Leli14 (Iceland)
10. Andejene20
11. Bluejays96
12. Oldnewz
13. CK11
14. Giraffez
15. Jxhn
16. dfalc7
17. Epstar59
18. porschefan101
19. Zuelke


Most Individual Immunity Wins:Edit

# Survivor Challenge Wins No. of Seasons
=1 Rumtin 8 4
=1 CheapCheep 8 4
=1 SimvivoRWay 8 5
2 donosaurus_rex 7 5
3 Bluejays96 6 3
=4 Chastain 5 2
=4 Leli14 5 2
=4 hinata0014 5 3
=4 losangelesgirl 5 5

Most Virtual Days Played:Edit

# Survivor No. of Days No. of Seasons
1 losangelesgirl 183 6
2 SimvivoRWay 165 5
3 donosaurus_rex 146 5
=4 hinata0014 133 4
=4 Joeker 133 4
5 CK11 129 4
6 Rumtin 128 4
7 Bluejays96 123 4
8 Chastain 105 3
9 Leli14 92 3
10 Jxhn 91 3

Link's Survivor Greatest PlayerEdit

Through the 20th season (Tristan da Cunha) fans and players from the series voted for who they considered to be the greatest players in Link's Survivor history:

1. Leli14 (149 votes)
2. Chastain (103 votes)
3. Bluejays96 (93 votes)
4. Losangelesgirl (80 votes)
5. SimvivoRWay (67 votes)
6. Donosaurus_rex (63 votes)
7. LoganWorm (60 votes)
8. Sunslicer2 (48 votes)
9. Chilltownbb7 (47 votes)
10. Gaiaphage (42 votes)

Link's Survivor Favourite MomentsEdit

Throughout All Stars a poll was conducted to find the favourite moments from the previous 8 seasons:

1st place - Chuay Gahn throwing the challenge in Thailand to take control of the game and the favourites being owned all season in Iceland.

2nd place - Koto self destructs.  After never losing a challenge before the merge Koto self destructs at the merge.

3rd place - bigbro vs dono, the series of tribal council at the merge in Galapagos when dono and bigbro were constantly targetting each other and never succedding.

Link's Survivor Hall Of FameEdit

1st Class 2nd Class 3rd Class 4th Class 5th Class 6th Class 7th Class 8th Class 9th Class
HoF Leli
Chill HoF
HoF Chastain
HoF Sim
  • Please note that due to evidence of cheating losangelesgirl has been officially removed from the Link's Survivor Hall of Fame.

Link's Survivor Tengaged's Tribal CouncilEdit

Throughout Cape Three Points Tengaged users got the chance to vote in several different categories to determine their favourite things from the series so far:

Favourite Season - Tied between All Stars and BT - The Shifting Isles

Favourite Winner - Leli14

Biggest Villain - losangelesgirl

Favourite Tribal Council - Gohan's elimination in Egypt

Favourite Returning Player to never win - donosaurus_rex

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