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The top 9 Millie's Survivor players.

Millie's Survivor is a reality television show in which 16-20 castaways compete to win a grand prize of $1,000,000 but outlasting, outplaying and outwitting the rest of the contestants to become the Sole Survivor.

A total of 72 participants have competed, within four seasons which have been held across the globe, From Asia to South America. Contestants apply to be on the show through Tengaged, and their data (as well as the character they represent) will be displayed on this page. This data, was accurate to the time of filming.


Contestant Age Hometown Username Color Season Placing
Arnoldo Najera 21 Fort Wayne, IN BestHeroD Cook Islands 20th
Mitsuko Nagano 23 Trumbell, CT SP4RROW Cook Islands 19th
Linda Hong 29 Sacaton, AZ Ribbons Cook Islands 18th
Jamaal Marshall 38 Salus, AZ Pacers Cook Islands 17th
Parvati Hill 34 Toledo, OH Mustarrd Cook Islands 16th
Rocquelle Rignall 33 New York, NY DJChipman Cook Islands 15th
Po Ke 31 Longview, TX lifer107 Cook Islands 14th
Rory Draper 18 Irving, TX Guess_Who Cook Islands 13th
Mamoru Kawashima 32 Solamint, CA Vynse Cook Islands 12th
Abortia Jemima 65 Beaumont, TX choochoo Cook Islands 11th
Jin Lo 52 Los Angeles, CA dragotistic Cook Islands 10th
Belle Watson 24 Hudson, OH koolness234 BLOOD Cook Islands 9th
Rhondrea Montanez 41 Pala Alto, CA LadyBlaq Cook Islands 8th
Zhaniya Turner 43 Irvine, CA JETTEJ Cook Islands 7th
Eugen Holmes 23 El Toro, CA joe1110 TV STAR Cook Islands 6th
Nikoloski Long 25 Tigard, OR plor GOLD Cook Islands 5th
Aria Moran 49 Peoria, IL _Aria SKY Cook Islands 4th
Jeff Alcalá 26 Greenville, SC JeffW TV STAR Cook Islands Runner-Up
Arianna Serrano 33 Westbury, NY Sheena GOLD Cook Islands Runner-Up
Dylan Guzmán 31 San Antonio, TX Cray SKY Cook Islands Winner
Sierra O'Connor 35 Gallup, NM AndreaB Tocantins 16th
John Parmley 56 Pittsburg, CA Fern111 Tocantins 15th
Oli Roth 47 Detroit, MI MrPokeguy9 SILVER Tocantins 14th
Yao-Man Chuang 38 Denver, CO AlexRyder SILVER Tocantins 13th
Abi-Maria Carmack 20 Harrisonburg, VA tigerfrmny Tocantins 12th
Pete Witham 37 Morrisville, PA yohan47013 Tocantins 11th
Sandy Wagner 27 Allentown, PA SandySandy Tocantins 10th
Tranisha White 45 New Braunfels, TX deshonBANNEDISBACK Tocantins 9th
Alexandra Holman 23 Pittsburgh, PA danielvk GOLD Tocantins 8th
Colton Heiner 35 Lincolnton, NC Pedlick44 Tocantins 7th
Fatima Hussein 22 Bend, OR BENLINUS Tocantins 6th
Erinn Lee 25 Suffield, CT snowflake3 SILVER Tocantins 5th
Sandra Paquin 60 Fort Myers, FL JediJani44 Tocantins 4th
Mike Raymond 23 Pittsburgh, PA Survivor8 TV STAR Tocantins 3rd
Tsubaki Yayoi 34 Huntsville, AL moup94 SILVER Tocantins Runner-Up
Duncan Hernandez 26 Peoria, IL meduncan BLOOD Tocantins Winner
Jadie Porter 40 Farmington, NM janey Palau 20th
Tyler Levin 21 Baltimore, MD tyboy618 SILVER Palau 19th
Keeon Berumen 18 Green Bay, WI Pacers Palau 18th
Ayesha Bell 58 Saginaw, MI Glam Palau 17th
Mira Bradley 22 Miami, FL EEstrada17 Palau 16th
Danny Folden 39 Dyersburg, TN DrPepsi Palau 15th
Alexander Keith 26 Randolph, WI AceSurvivor SKY Palau 14th
Allison Kerr 31 Marquette, MI Gloss Palau 13th
Alexandra Popp 18 Pittsburgh, PA 1Swampy8 GOLD Palau 12th
Sean Niebuhr 27 Minneapolis, MN smi9127 TV STAR Palau 11th
Jay Hassell 18 Pittsburgh, PA Guess_Who Palau 10th
J.J. Bishop 48 Glendale, AZ MrPokeguy9 SILVER Palau 9th
Chelsey Vick 65 Portland, OR SunnyBunny Palau 8th
Trevor Daniels 21 Elko, NV tdan13 SILVER Palau 7th
Georgia "Stripper" Barnes 39 Dendron, VA vh1clown SKY Palau 6th
LaQuisha Bunker 37 Aurora, IL blueu22 Palau 5th
Christian Smith 31 Keystone Heights, IL lavaworks Palau 4th
Chaundrice McArdle 38 East Aurora, NY porschefan101 Palau 3rd
Jason Washington 19 Wendover, NV jtotalturtle TV STAR Palau Runner-Up
Sativa "Jones" 18 Jacksonville, FL CK11 Palau Winner
Matt Acosta 27 Cambridge, MA Pacers Pearl Islands 16th
Sue Stanley 38 Syosset, NY SunnyBunny Pearl Islands 15th
Kayla McKee 45 Greenville, NC dustin24688642 SILVER Pearl Islands 14th
Jake Larock 36 Boca Raton, FL JakeD Pearl Islands 13th
Lauren White 36 Saint Cloud, MN TheMB305 Pearl Islands 12th
Simon Winger 50 Richmond, IN 77sparks77 Pearl Islands 11th
Glimmer Woodward 44 Bloomfield Township, MI Glam Pearl Islands 10th
Marlon May 31 Lansing, MI mblakee2 Pearl Islands 9th
Dante Chouinard 37 Concord, CA charliescene0214 Pearl Islands 8th
Jonathan Campos 61 Cincinnati, OH Donutdude556 Pearl Islands 7th
Drake Wills 27 Oak Ridge, TN dragotistic Pearl Islands 6th
Marissa Lowe 31 Pine Bluff, AK 1Swampy8 GOLD Pearl Islands 5th
Janae Marquez 31 Kerrville, TX Patrick319 SKY Pearl Islands 4th
Chelsea Reed 29 Glen Elder, KS Survivor8 TV STAR Pearl Islands 3rd
Jhamie Stevens 19 Jasper, IN Alyxandra Pearl Islands Runner-Up
A.J. Taylor 25 Victoria, TX JetsRock12 GOLD Pearl Islands Winner
Adam Haney 48 Washington, DC zachboy967 The Philippines 18th
Mercedes Hurst 31 Salinas, CA mercedes415 The Philippines 17th
Ruth Payne 21 Phoenix, AZ KatnissEverdeen The Philippines 16th
Elisabeth Saavedra 28 New York, NY g1ng4 GOLD The Philippines 15th
Freddie Arrington 18 Princeton, NJ Gilby The Philippines 14th
Grace "Unique" Kaminsky 32 Elizabethtown, KY wavykidq The Philippines 13th
Laquisha Jones 30 Houston, TX yankeeboy4life0803 The Philippines 12th
Dylan McLain 45 Caribou, ME SurvivorFreak13 SKY The Philippines 11th
Hattie Hardy 34 Denver, CO jharrin7887 SKY The Philippines 10th
Keith Wilkins 65 Atkinson, NE Keitho44 GOLD The Philippines 9th
Austin Bowen 21 Arlington, VA SurvivorFreak13 TV STAR The Philippines 8th
Sean Thomas 22 Troy, NY Sass21 TV STAR The Philippines 7th
Ian LeBlanc 51 Philadelphia, PA DarkTyphoon23 SKY The Philippines 6th
Connor Wilson 23 Redding, CA Survivor8 TV STAR The Philippines 5th
Emily Baird 24 Lafayette, LA survivorparv123 The Philippines 4th
Tanisha Finger 25 Chicago, IL Lemjam6 GOLD The Philippines Runner-Up
John Morris 18 Jefferson, IN PizPaz SILVER The Philippines Runner-Up
Lacey Morris 26 Alhambra, CA amf7410 TV STAR The Philippines Winner

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