The following is an incomplete list of all HouseGuests that have been featured in BigBruv's Big Brother. Big Brothercontestants are chosen through an application system. The chosen few to potentially enter and become a full HouseGuest are shortlisted and asked to show up on Premiere Night, where up to sixteen attenders are picked to enter. Past HouseGuests cannot apply again (but can apply for Veteran seasons), and applicants who may not of made it into the house first time round are encouraged to audition again for a second chance.

Hosts Edit

Name 1 2 3 4
BigBruv (Ashley)
Janelle_Pierzina (Janie)

Contestants Edit

     – Contestant played the game for a second time.
     – Contestant played the game for a third time.

Season Name Color on exit Status Finish
1 MrMinaj (Matt) Light Green Walked: Day 3 21st
1 Akornz (Tanner) Yellow Walked: Day 4 20th
1 TheGreatJake (Jake) Light Green Evicted: Day 4 19th
1 TheKingMichael (Michael) Green Evicted: Day 7 18th
1 Sahmosean (Jim) Yellow Evicted: Day 14 17th
1 Tommy1212 (Tommy) Red Expelled: Day 15 16th
1 Alyxandra (Alina) Brown Evicted: Day 18 15th
1 Kumquat78910111 (Jack) Yellow Evicted: Day 22 14th
1 Hippydude126 (Alex) Purple Evicted: Day 26 13th
1 KamiLynne (Kami) Yellow Evicted: Day 28 12th
1 Colostmyh (Chris) Silver Evicted: Day 30 11th
1 TylerTheGreat (Tyler) Orange Evicted: Day 30 10th
1 Cnathaniel (Christian) Brown Evicted: Day 31 9th
1 JBC8 (JB) Brown Walked: Day 31 8th
1 Americus (Nidian) Light Green Evicted: Day 33 7th
1 AliciaNever (Alicia) Yellow Evicted: Day 35 6th
1 Smackdownisblue (Jon) White Evicted: Day 35 5th
1 DrPepsi (Danny) Yellow Evicted: Day 36 4th
1 49288 (Eddie) Purple Evicted: Day 38 3rd
1 Buildie (Ty) Yellow Runner-up: Day 43 2nd
1 Missalice3 (Missy) Yellow Winner: Day 43 1st
2 Sethhhh (Seth) Orange Walked: Day 4 13th
2 Sportsguy314 (Callen) White Evicted: Day 6 12th
2 Ryan5676 (Ryan) Orange Evicted: Day 8 11th
2 Patriciasigmond (Patricia) Light Green Evicted: Day 10 10th
2 Cool99 (Evan "Ev") Orange Evicted: Day 12 9th
2 TheMaximum (Xavier) White Evicted: Day 14 8th
2 MattsBBUpdates (Matt) White Evicted: Day 16 7th
2 Bubba3 (Jared) Light Green Evicted: Day 19 6th
2 Ditzy (Angie) Brown Evicted: Day 19 5th
2 IceIceBaby (Roseanna) Orange Evicted: Day 20 4th
2 Coyle14 (Cole) Orange Evicted: Day 22 3rd
2 MaryClare (Katie) Orange Runner-up: Day 26 2nd
2 Missalice3 (Missy) Yellow Winner: Day 26 1st
3 Kpnna (Jacob) Black Evicted: Day 1 15th
3 Janelle_Pierzina (Janie) Silver Evicted: Day 1 15th
3 DrPepsi (Danny) Orange Evicted: Day 4 14th
3 Wrightnacho (Sterling) Blue Evicted: Day 6 13th
3 AustinBenevides (Austin) Blue Evicted: Day 8 12th
3 ofl1998 (Oakley) Black Walked: Day 8 11th
3 JBC8 (JB) Black Evicted: Day 10 10th
3 Ditzy(Angie) Black Evicted: Day 13 9th
3 49288(Eddie) Purple Evicted: Day 14 8th
3 Dodasoda1 (Sam D) Yellow Evicted: Day 16 7th
3 Kantus (Alex) Light Green Evicted: Day 16 6th
3 BigBrotherFan132 (Sam B) Yellow Evicted: Day 17 5th
3 GentlemanG (Mathew) Orange Evicted: Day 18 4th
3 SamSam14 (Sam M) Blue Evicted: Day 19 3rd
3 Cnathaniel(Christian) Black Runner-up: Day 21 2nd
3 IceIceBaby(Roseanna) Orange Winner: Day 21 1st

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