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LoganWorm's Big Brother is based on the classic Big Brother show, primarily the American Version of the show with some unique tweaks and twists along the way. The series is on the Tengaged website. Users apply for the series and then get onto a season of LoganWorm's Big Brother.

The HouseGuests compete for the chance to win by avoiding weekly eviction, until the last HouseGuest remains at the end of the season that can claim the win. See Format for more information.

(Real Cast Lists for all Seasons)

Main SeriesEdit


Each week the House Guests compete to be the Head of Household. The Head of Household then nominates two House Guests for eviction. Then eviction night rolls around, and every House Guest (with the exception of the HOH or the nominees) cast their vote to evict. The vote is then revealed and the House Guest with the most votes to evict is evicted and leaves the house. This happens each week until 2 House Guests remain. A jury of 3, 5, or 7 House Guests will then vote for the winner. The House Guest with the most jury votes will be named the winner of that season.


Head of Household CompetitionEdit

Each week House Guests compete to be the Head of Household. As Head of Household they are rewarded with immunity for the week, as well as their own bedroom and personal bathroom (with other luxuries as well). In return for the rewards, they must make a decision of power. Each week the Head of Household must nominate 2 eligible House Guests for eviction. The Head of Household does not vote to evict, unless a tie must be broken, or there are no eligible voters.


Season House Guests Days Winner Vote Notes
Big Brother 1 8 34 Zach 3-0 Only season to have no final HOH at the final 3.
Only season to not include the Power of Veto.

Season RankingsEdit

#1: Big Brother 1

Winner RankingsEdit

#1: Zach (Big Brother 1)

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