Vanity Lair
Vanity Lair

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Vanity LairEdit

Is a groupgame in tengaged similar to Big Brother,but has changes in it. There are contestants who will live in a mansion called Vanity Lair. There will be elimination after each day,only one will outshine the rest.


It starts with 12-16 contestants depending on what edition will it be. They will first nominate one housemate for their Vanity Lord,the housemate who receives the most votes will win Vanity Lord.He/she will save only one housemate from elimination while the rest will vote out one housemate,the housemate who receives the most votes will be eliminated.

Series detailsEdit

Series Presenter Days Housemates Winner
Season 1 Lotta 13 13 Babebee
Season 2 119 16 Amelya
Season 3 TBD TBD TBD

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