This Series Started on January 2, 2013. It has been a succesful second season, so the host renewed it for a Third season. This series is about 18-20 Castaways being marroned into a wilderness location and has to survive the wild and the drama. They have to survive drama, tribal councils, twists, back stabs, confusion, and challenges to be the lone survivor and achive the prize of $1,000,000.  From Brazil to Antarctica this is SURVIVORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below there are the season and the hall of fame/records :)

We moved:


Name Location Tribes Player of the Season Winner Runner-up(s) vote

Survivor Brazil [1]





Jeremylinrocks Bug1oy




Survivor Palau [2]






Mastropola Ehunt16



Survivor Greece: Exile Island










Most Indiviual Immunity WinsEdit
Rank Castaway Indiviual wins Season
1 Codemeister56 4 Brazil
1 Ehunt16 4 Palau
2 Mark796 2 Brazil
2 Bug1oy 2 Brazil
2 Mastropola 2 Palau

Most Tribal Wins Edit
Rank Tribe Tribal Wins Season
1 Angaur 7 Palau
2 Arara 4 Brazil
3 Macaco 3 Brazil

Most Votes Against (In one Season)Edit
Rank Castaway Votes Season
1 Kokidd 13 Palau
2 Ruefan 11(6) Palau
3 Mark796 9(3) Brazil
Least Votes Against in a Season (Doesnt count if you quit or were medical evcuated) (I Don't count if the player was inactiveEdit
Rank Castaway Vote(s) Season
1 Mastropopla 1 Palau
2 Ehunt16 2 Palau
3 18goingst 3 Brazil
3 1ry99 3 Brazil
3 codemeister56 3 Brazil
Most Season Played Edit
Rank Castaway # of Seasons Seasons
1 Crazylocobeast 2 Brazil, Palau
1 Tommy44440 2 Palau,Greece
1 Breant 2 Palau,Greece

Hall of FameEdit

Bug1oy (original season-Brazil 1st)- He had a awesome plan. He was pretending to be non-active. He cause the demise of the season villain and won two immunities and he pretended to be jeremy's ally only to be saving mark instead. Favorite Moment-Saved Mark by playing his idol on Mark

Codemeister (original season-Brazil 2nd/3rd)- Was an immunity hog. He won four post merge immunity challenges. He had a strong hold of the season and was never in trouble Favorite Moment- Being control of the season

Mark796 (original season-Brazil 2nd/3rd)- He was a very active person. He won two immunities and got his tribe(Macaco) many immunities as well. He was in danger for the entire post-merge when he didn't have immunity,but bug1oy saved him.Favorite Moment-Being Active

Jeremylinrocks (original season-Brazil 5th)- Such a colorful character. He was definably the season's villain. He was backstabbing code and mark the entire post-merge and he told such creative lies that covered up his schemes. Also he most likely would have won if bug1oy wasn't saving mark. Favorite Moment-Thinking he had alliances with everybody

More to come from Survivor Palau.......


Survivor Brazil's Award

Hero of the Season-Bug1oy.

Why:Was saving Mark and Code because he thought backstabbers are horrible

Villain Of the season- Jeremylinrocks

Why:Was backstabbing his alliance the entire post merge and they didn't notice. Told creative lies to cover up his schemes

Sprint's Player of the Season-Jeremylinrocks

Why:Was the most entertaining person on the season

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