Millie's Random Survivor Series began on December 8th 2012. It is an online version of the CBS show 'Survivor', which puts 16-20 people together in an exotic location and splits them into 2, 3 or 4 tribes or teams. Challenge wins and eliminations are determined by using the website ''. When typically 12-8 people remain, the tribes merge into one tribe and begin an individual game, with everyone going to Tribal Council, but one person being Immune while there. At the end of the game, one of the Final 2 or 3 will be voted the Sole Survivor by a Jury of 7 or 9 of the most recently voted out players.

List of Contestants: All Contestants

The SeasonsEdit

# Name Location Tribes Winner Runner(s)-up Vote
1 Cook Islands Aitutaki, Cook Islands      Aitutaki
     Puka Puka
Dylan Guzmán Arriana Serrano Jeff Alcalá 9-0-0
2 Tocantins Jalapão, Tocantins, Brazil      Jalapao
Duncan Hernandez Tsubaki Yayoi Mike Raymond 6-1
3 Palau Koror, Palau, Micronesia      Koror
Sativa "Jones"  Jason Washington Chaundrice McArdle 5-2
4 Pearl Islands Pearl Islands, Panama      Drake
     The Outcasts
A.J. Taylor Jhamie Stevens Chelsea Reed 6-1
5 The Philippines Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Philippines      Kalabaw
Lacey Morris John Morris Tanisha Finger 6-1-1

Survivor V.I.P. SeasonsEdit

# Name Location Tribes Winner Runner(s)-up Vote
1 Pearl Islands
Pearl Islands, Panama      Cuevas
     Del Rey
Mike Raymond Chuandrice McArdle Marissa Lowe 4-3
2 Cook Islands
Aitutaki, Cook Islands      Mitiaro
Sean Niebuhr Chelsea Reed Erinn Lee 5-2-2


Most Days PlayedEdit

Rank Player Days Times Played Seasons
1 Marissa Lowe 101 3 (Pearl Islands, Pearl Islands AS, Cook Islands AS)
2 Jhamie Stevens 90 3 (Pearl Islands, Pearl Islands AS, Cook Islands AS)
3 Jonathan Campos 78 3 (Pearl Islands, Pearl Islands AS, Cook Islands AS)
4 Chaundrice McArdle 77 (Palau, Pearl Islands AS)
Chelsea Reed 77 (Pearl Islands, Cook Islands AS)
Mike Raymond 77 (Tocantins, Pearl Islands AS)

Most Individual Immunity Wins In A Single SeasonEdit

Rank Player Individual Immunity Wins Season
1 Chaundrice McArdle 3 Pearl Islands AS
Jason Washington Palau
Jhamie Stevens Pearl Islands
Mike Raymond Tocantins
Tanisha Finger The Philippines

Most Tribal Immunity Wins In A Single SeasonEdit

Rank Tribe Tribal Immunity Wins Season
1 Rarotonga 6 Cook Islands
Mitiaro Cook Islands AS
2 Cuevas 5 Pearl Islands AS
Drake Pearl Islands
Tandang The Philippines
Ulong Palau

Most Votes Against In A Single SeasonEdit

Rank Player Votes Against Season
1 Jeff Alcalá 14 Pearl Islands AS
2 Austin Bowen 12 Cook Islands AS
3 Alexander Keith 11 Palau
Austin Bowen The Philippines
Janae Marquez Cook Islands AS
Jonathan Campos Pearl Islands AS

Least Votes Against In A Single Season (aka "The 0 Club")Edit

Player Votes Against Season
Arianna Serrano 0 Cook Islands
Lacey Morris The Philippines

Season RankingsEdit

1. Pearl Islands: All-Stars
2. Tocantins
3. Cook Islands: All-Stars
4. The Philippines
5. Pearl Islands
6. Cook Islands
7. Palau

Winner RankingsEdit

1. Duncan Hernandez (Tocantins)
2. Lacey Morris (The Philippines)
3. Mike Raymond (Pearl Islands: All-Stars)
4. Dylan Guzmán (Cook Islands)
5. Sean Niebuhr (Cook Islands: All-Stars)
6. Sativa "Jones" (Palau)
7. A.J. Taylor (Pearl Islands)

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