NB Reality is a group on ( ). It centers around different reality shows like Survivor, Big Brother, and the RW/RR challenge.

It is currently on its 4th season, The Inferno.

Season Number Season Title Winner(s) Runner-up(s)
1 The Duel Milkisgood BrandonBam (2nd) _ares_ (3rd)
2 The Glass House



Samhuss (2nd)
3 Survivor: The Caribbean Lemjam6 sammy1172 (2nd) Bambinoswag (3rd)
4 The Inferno









NB Reality RecordsEdit

Most Individual Challenge Wins in 1 Season
Place Player Season # won
1st BrandonBam The Duel 3
2nd= Milkisgood The Duel 2
2nd= _ares_ The Duel 2
2nd= Samhuss The Glass House 2
2nd= Samhuss Survivor-The Caribbean 2
2nd= Bambinoswag Survivor-The Caribbean 2
2nd= Ryan_Jambe Survivor-The Caribbean 2
Most Team Challenge Wins in 1 Season
Place Player Season # won
1st Mybash_ The Glass House 7
2nd Samhuss The Glass House 6
3rd= Samhuss Survivor-The Caribbean 5
3rd= Cheese98 The Glass House 5
3rd= rachelreilly1 The Glass House 5
3rd= ofl1998 The Glass House 5
3rd= Edu84 The Glass House 5
Most Points in the NB Reality Final Challenge
Place Player # of points Season
1st Samhuss 480 The Glass House
2nd sammy1172 470 Survivor-The Caribbean
3rd Mybash_ 365 The Glass House
4th Ethan000 359 The Glass House
5th bambinoswag 328 Survivor-The Caribbean

Other NB Reaity PagesEdit

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