The inferno

NB Reality

For NB Reality Season 4, we will be traveling to the Yucatan Peninsula, where 28 players will compete in an ultimate game of challenges, alliances, and trust. Players will try to win challenges as teams, but vote in individuals to represent them. Then, the voting switches, giving the other team power to throw players on the other team into elimination. Players will go through the elimination challenge to see who stays, and who goes home. Tune in for NB Reality Season 4….


Good Guys
Player Finish
01Gohan Runner-up
dfalc7 Runner-up
jimboslice Runner-up
Ladybug5 Runner-up
TDO88 Runner-up
turney1805 Runner-up
splozojames50 Episode 8
jordonk Episode 8
Samhuss Episode 8
TheStan Episode 7
Kenta Episode 7
Mybash_ Episode 5
BassAbsol Episode 4
Jerimondo Episode 2
Bad Asses
Player Finish
coolexchangestudent WINNER
LaFierceBrittany2 WINNER
BoyToy4Cato Episode 8
Edu84 Episode 8
michael222 Episode 8
Regularise Episode 6
coltsfan876 Episode 6
JoshJosh123 Episode 5
Valdamien Episode 4
mysterygame2 Episode 3
Playboyy Episode 3
sammy1172 Episode 2
Ethan000 Episode 1
Cassie_Colvin Episode 1

Season ProgressEdit

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