Nostalgic's Survivor Series was founded by the Tengaged user Nostalgic on the 17th of November 2012. Casting for the first season, Survivor: Laos, began on the same day. 3 days later on the 20th

Nostalgic's survivor

of November 2012 the cast was announced, beginning Nostalgic's Survivor.

Following the conclusion Survivor: Laos, the series was renewed for a second season. Survivor: Israel began casting on the 27th of December 2012.


Season Tribes Winner Runner(s) Up Air Date
1 Survivor Laos2
Survivor Laos

Brian (cfff)
[4 Votes]

 Pratty (pratty437)
[3 Votes]
20/11/12 - 27/12/12
2 Survivor israel
Survivor Israel
N/A N/A 13/01/13 - TBD

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