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Ozzy's Next Top Model is a modelling competition, which is also a part of the T-Models franchise. It is based off ANTM thus sharing similar names, it still follows the exact same format as the Next Top Model series. It was created by producer, and host of the show, Oswald "Ozzy" Poore, who hosted the show for all 6 seasons.

The first "cycle" premiered on Ausgust 17, 2010 making it the last of the T-Models franchise to premiere, and the show finished on November 7, 2011. The show is hosted in the group 2006 and was one of the biggest Top Model-based shows on Tengaged. It is the only one of the T-Models franchise to be cancelled.


Judges Seasons
1 2 3 4 5 6
Oswald Poore Oswald19 Main
A.J. Smith Criiko Main
Millie Titmus Millzipede Main
Dior Gilbert Dior1937 Main
Chloé Searfoss RedHotOpera Main
Krissy Ginn krissbliss Main


The requirements for Ozzy's Next Top Model, follows the exact format of TNTM. With the first three cycles requiring a height of at least 5"7, followed by 5"8 for the following three cycles.


Cycle Premiere Date Winner Runner-up Other contestants in order of elimination No. of contestants International destination
1 October 15, 2010 Marie Campos Dior Gilbert Ryan "Ryry" Rivera, Russ Castaneda, Jermin
Solis, Manda Vong, Super Pennypacker, Kaleb
Harker, Jason Jackson, Hinata Randall, Dawn
Jackson, Jessa Halford, Millie Crenshaw
13 Flag of Spain.svg
2 October 31, 2010 Chloé Searfoss Evelyn Luzarev Pixie Rougemont, Nicole Hawken, Daniela Moir
, Holly Wendt, Paschal Binney, Willow Heath
, Kaleb Marion, Megan Harwood, Frezie Huie
, Michelle Boxall, Felice Bateson, Amy Bruxner
14 Flag of Italy.svg
3 December 18, 2010 Lola Davis Joanna Jackson Nathan Crompton, Kenny Furphy, Aunya
Lipscombe, Marcel Buttenshaw, Megan Davis
, Angel Grainger, Kandi Milerum, Arabella
Trundle, Lulu Brady, Aqua Beard, Tyquasia
13 Flag of France.svg
4 March 26, 2011 Laura Hoyt Kandi Bannister Justin Schofield, Dimitri Lewis, Mica Burns
, Vanessa Bendrodt, A.H. Bennet, Michonne
Lienhop, Ella-Brie Butt, Yuki Dittmer, Brooklyn
Ifould, Yoyo Wood, Monequisha Hall
13 Flag of Argentina.svg
Buenos Aires
5 June 13, 2011 A.J. Smith Cascada Jones Ana Mellor, Molly Houghton, Deanna Owens
, Brianna Morgan, Nora Bibi, Angel Lynch
, Brittani Collins, Shawn Wallace, Tyra Watts
, Kandi Murphy, Danielle Read
13 Flag of South Africa.svg
Cape Town
6 September 28, 2011 Chanel Littlewood Sophia Rodrick Tayla "Sweet" Bundey, Brianna Khan, Vedera
Manning, Adrianna Ellis, Krystal Chandler, Kyle
Dunn, Jayme Gray, Joy Palmer, Amber
Blackburn, Anna "Kandi" Barker, Violet Begum
, Deena Pearce
14 Flag of France.svg

Signed ModelsEdit

Models Seasons
Marie Campos MarieEve Signed
Millie Crenshaw Millzipede Signed
Joanna Jackson Millzipede Signed
Aqua Beard zaza Signed
Laura Hoyt Millzipede Signed
A.J. Smith Criiko Signed
Cascada Jones yummy Signed
Chanel Littlewood db1994 Signed
Kandi Murphy leacroft Signed
Kandi Bannister leacroft Signed
Sophia Rodrick RedHotOpera Signed
Monequisha Hall Juergen Signed
Lola Davis Kevian Signed
Chloé Searfoss RedHotOpera Signed
Dior Gilbert Dior1937 Signed

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