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QueenSheeba's Survivor is a Tengaged version of the hit reality TV show, Survivor and is hosted by QueenSheeba. It debuted 5th May 2012. In its most basic format, castaways will be separated into tribes and compete for immunity. The losing tribe will have to vote off one of their players until the two tribes merge. The castaways will then compete for individual immunity until only two survive. They will then face a jury of their peers and only one will become the Sole Survivor. Twists are introduced in order to keep the game interesting and unpredictable.

Tengaged users play as their favourite castaways in QueenSheeba's Survivor.

# Name Location Winner Runner(s)-up Vote
1 QueenSheeba's Survivor: Australia Herbert River at Goshen Station, Queensland, Australia Jeff Varner (Inaciolaralis) Amber Brkich (Ninihead25) 2-1-0
2 QueenSheeba's Survivor: Burma Labutta District, Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar Marcus Lehman (Leli14) Amanda Kimmel (Boomske123) 3-2
3 QueenSheeba's Survivor: The Peruvian Rainforest Maynas Province, Loreto Region, Peru Dawn Meehan (Alyxandra) Chris Daugherty (Damienirl), Ken Stafford (Damo1990) 6-0-0

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