Survivor: Pokémon

RJ18 started the Survivor: Pokémon series in June. RJ18's goal was to create a brand new type of Survivor contest that involved a different environment with its own set of challenges and knowledge in how to survive. Pokémon , the popular gaming and media franchise, seemed like the perfect fit. By integrating the popular competition Survivor with the world of Pokémon, contestants are tested with their knowledge of the video game franchise in various challenges. Each season focuses on a specific generation of Pokémon, with its location set in the specific Pokémon region.

.The series is also the 5000th group of Tengaged, seen in the group page .

The inaugural season, Pokémon: Kanto - Seafoam Islands, started in late June 2012. It finished in 28 days, crowning it's first Pokémon Sole Survivor.


# Season Generation & Location Original Tribes Winner Runner-Up Vote Notes
1 Survivor: Kanto - Seafoam Islands Generation I - Seafoam Islands, Kanto Region 3 tribes of 5: Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise JoshJosh123 Chilltownmember3 5-2 First inaugural season

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