All of the following Usernames are based off of the Tengaged Site, and may later be inactive.

NOTE: They once were active, and freewillingly signed-up for the show knowing that they were signed-up.

If you see a cast list BEFORE a season is posted and the castaways are confirmed, the list is subject to change.

Survivor: The Plains

Name Username Color Age Tribe(s) Finish
Original Switched Mutinied Merged
Edrine T. TheThomas23ism Yellow 16 Talu 18th
Mac O. oreobabez Yellow 16 Talu 17th
Chole V. vampscholar White 18 Ita 16th
Ty F. Flamelord Yellow 15 Ita Ita 15th
Cray L. Crayola Yellow 14 Talu Talu 14th
Brian R. bclrockschamp Orange 14 Ita Talu 13th
Iceman D. Daiceman326 Yellow 20 Talu Talu Talu 12th
Kris C. Carraid73 Blue 15 Talu Ita Talu 11th
Aidan B. Bigbrotheraddict17 Yellow 17 Talu Talu Talu Skiba Hiron 10th
Spelly S. SpellCaster0312 White 14 Ita Talu Talu 9th
Josh J. JoshJosh123 Orange 15 Ita Ita Talu 8th
Bwburke W. Bwburke94 White 17 Ita Talu Ita 7th
Ashley D. deathwish Orange 19 Ita Ita Ita 6th
Funky F. FunkyBike1 Yellow 17 Ita Ita Ita 5th
Wade W. Wadester20001 Yellow 17 Talu Ita Talu 4th
Tyler R. tyler2112 White 15 Talu Talu Talu 2nd
Link T. Themissinglink Orange 20 Talu Ita Ita 2nd
Kyle S. Supremacy Brown 21 Ita Ita Ita 1st

Survivor: Samoa

Name Username Color Age Tribe(s) Finish
Original Merged
Pundo P. Pundo2 Yellow 13 Foa Foa 20th
Dylan D. DJ2230 Brown 14 Foa Foa 19th
Scott C. Coolnarwhal88 Orange 17 Galu 18th
Brian "Clamp" C. Swimboy818 Orange 16 Foa Foa 17th
Andy A. amf7410 Gold 16 Foa Foa 16th
Dt B. bfdirocky White 17 Galu 15th
Mister "The Game" T. Thegamemister Brown 16 Foa Foa 14th
Jayson B. BBLover96 Sky 15 Galu 13th
Zach B. Zbase4 Yellow 16 Foa Foa Aiga 12th
Austin H. hinata0014 Silver 16 Galu 11th
Zach P. Prozach Orange 18 Galu 10th
Kamika L. KamiLynne White 16 Galu 9th
Dustin S. Survivor525 Blue 19 Foa Foa 8th
Zoey C. Celebinator Yellow 18 Galu 7th
David W. Steel Light Green 15 Galu 6th
Riley T. Rileycotter Yellow 14 Galu 5th
Eli L. Elijah2020 Yellow 16 Foa Foa 4th
Cochran E. Emmett4 Dark Green 13 Foa Foa 3rd
Erik E. EEstrada17 White 16 Foa Foa 2nd
Zach T. ThePinnapleGod Black 16 Galu 1st

Survivor: Japan

Name Username Color Age Tribe(s) Finish
Original Refurbished Merged
Unit N. Unit8890 Silver 14 Kuski 16th
Nathan C. Cnathaniel Red 18 Yotai 15th
Joe J. Jouix Black 18 Kuski 14th
Meli C. Melissasinclair29 Silver 19 Yotai 13th
B "BHD" D. BestHeroD Dark Green 15 Yotai Sunto 12th
Ivan "Pull" D. I_PullDaStrings Black 14 Yotai Hiriato 11th
Game T. GameTime Brown 23 Kuski Sunto 10th
Serv "Sf" O. Survivorfan1111 Orange 16 Kuski Hiriato 9th
Janie P. Janelle_Pierzina Black 14 Kuski Sunto Nakaoto 8th
Porsche F. Porschefan101 Orange 14 Kuski Sunto 7th
Evan "Tinga" L. l0_0l Dark Green 16 Yotai Hiriato 6th
Logan "Skillz" D. SkillzDatKillz Blue 19 Yotai Hiriato 5th
J "J-Wiz" W. Joeker Light Green 17 Kuski Sunto 4th
Epstar P. Epstar59 Blue 16 Kuski Sunto 3rd
Patrick S. SuperPatrick Black 16 Yotai Hiriato 2nd
Jack I. ItsaMeJack Yellow 14 Yotai Hiriato 1st

Survivor: Marquesas

Name Username Color Age Tribe(s) Finish
Original Merged
Rstar T. rstar51 Orange 15 Rotu 16th
Taryn N. TarynNichole White 15 Maraamu 15th
Dan "Danyo" G. dragotistic Orange 14 Rotu 14th
Jack T. JETTEJ White 13 Maraamu 13th
Boots R. Boots22 Red 18 Maraamu 12th
Rumtin T. Rumtin Yellow 16 Rotu Soliantu 11th
Mana L. manalord Light Green 19 Rotu 10th
Chris G. Gaiaphage Brown 15 Maraamu 9th
Danny C. Chantra1 Blue 16 Rotu 8th
Stefan M. Rebelman2227 Blue 15 Maraamu 7th
Beast K. KBeastW Blue 20 Maraamu 6th
Bryce T. Bryce333 Black 16 Rotu 5th
Antonio T. Tundra Yellow 14 Rotu 4th
Parv S. survivorparv123 Light Green 17 Rotu 3rd
Jack B. jackbritt13 Yellow 17 Maraamu 2nd
Mearl L. Mearl Silver 22 Maraamu 1st

Survivor: Nicaragua

Name Username Color Age Tribe(s) Finish
Original Switched Merged
Stephen J. SimvivoRWay Yellow 14 Espada 18th
Michael P. PeaceOut14 Orange 14 Espada 17th
Shawn S. SuitMan13 Purple 16 La Flor 16th
Eric C. Econ21 Orange 16 La Flor 15th
Mark S. Supahhero White 17 La Flor 14th
Somats S. SOMATS Yellow 19 La Flor La Flor 13th
Ben L. BENLINUS Black 17 Espada Espada 12th
Sterling W. Wrightnacho Light Green 17 La Flor La Flor 11th
John O. johnoliver96 Blue 15 Espada Espada Libertad 10th
Sarah R. RachelReilly1 Light Green 16 La Flor Espada 9th
Rachel W. Snowgirl57 Orange 13 La Flor Espada 8th
Josh G. joshg222 Orange 16 La Flor La Flor 7th
George I. Ireks Gold 24 Espada La Flor 6th
Damarvati D. damarvati Yellow 18 La Flor Espada 5th
Priscilla D. Ditzy Brown 16 Espada La Flor 4th
Aly R. Alyxandra Red 17 Espada Espada 2nd
Jesse R. TheJesseHudson Orange 17 Espada La Flor 2nd
Tyla T. TwoTonTyler Brown 20 Espada Espada 1st

Survivor: Redemption Island

Castaways (12 New, 6 Returning) Season Tribe(s) Placing
JoshJosh123 (Josh J.) The Plains Ita 8th/18
Skiba Hiron
KamiLynne (Kamika L.) Samoa Galu 9th/20
Unit8990 (Unit N.) Japan Kuski 16th/16
Survivorfan1111 (Serv "Sf" O.) Japan Kuski 9th/16
Rumtin (Rumtin T.) Marquesas Rotu 11th/16
SimvivoRWay (Stephen J.) Nicaragua Espada 18th/18
MaryClare (Amanda M.)
bingo21 (Jarrod B.)
Missalice3 (Missy A.)
TheSexiestDude990 (Julian T.)
ThaMeowMeow (Justin T.)
Ontario (Pamela R.)
cowkal2 (Kyle C.)
Dreamer342 (Brittany D.)
justdontevictme (Brien J.)
BigBruv (Ash "Ashley" B.)
CheapCheep (Mykel C.)
qt3pt14 (Jackie Q.)

Survivor: Pearl Islands

Castaways (16 New)
Sapphirebh (Sapphire S.)
KylieRev (Kylie R.)
Chloeox (Chloe C.)
Kenu67 (Kenu K.)
Glinda (Nessarose G.)
losangelesgirl (Amanda L.)
Sally212 (Sally S.)
IceIceBaby (Prue I.)
Wonderdog (Tim W.)
Survivor233 (Jacob S.)
talldude_1031 (Carlos T.)
TDO88 (Jeff T.)
HipposUnite (Christian H.)
GentlemanG (Matt G.)
noobsmoke13 (David H.)
PennerisaBeast (Michael P.)

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