Rookies is the second game format after Casting, which requires a minimum color level of yellow to enter and an entry fee of 15T$. Its format differs from Castings due to it containing additional aspects such as Head of Household (HOH) and Power of Veto (PoV), similar to the rules laid down in Big Brother USA, which is said to bring more strategic aspects to the game and it is also said to be more difficult than the Castings format. Rookies is criticized for premade alliances (multiple players who plan to enter a Rookies game together). Premade alliances are often seen in the Stars format too.

Game BetsEdit

Rookies is the only game where it is possible to place bets upon the players before the game truly begins. Users have the opportunity to bet up to 30T$ per game upon the player who they think will win. At the end of the game, any user who has bet upon one of the finalists win an amount depending on how well that player got on and it also depends upon how many others bet in the game. Those who failed to place a bet on a finalist will receive no prize money.

Fast RookiesEdit

Fast Rookies, also nicknamed "Frookies", is a faster game of Rookies, which requires a minimum color level of yellow to play as well as a payment 10T$. People who prefer to play Frookies may be those with less time on their hands, however, some people prefer normal speed Rookies due to the prizes being higher. The best frookies players on the website include Rperduex11, Kelly0412, NotNicky333, Elvira, and HUmanMustard.

Outside LinksEdit

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