Rumtin's Survivor Borneo Logo

The first season in Rumtin's Survivor Series .

18 Castaways entered Borneo for the chance of a lifetime. The player who outwits, outplays, and outlasts the other will win $1,000,000 and the title of Sole Survivor.






Username Name Original Tribe Tribe Swap Merged Finished VA
Carraid73 Laquishia Jenkins  Pagong

18th   (Day 1)

XJamzX Vim Speed Tagi

17th  (Day 3)

JoshJosh123 Em Jay Pagong 16th (Day 5) 1
Sajanas300 Ignas Sajanas Tagi Tagi 15th (Day 6) 6
SP4RROW Courtney Yates Pagong Pagong 14th (Day 6) 4
LaFierceBrittany2 Brittany Kimmel Pagong Pagong 13th (Day 8) 4
ThePinnapleGod Paul Blart Pagong Pagong 12th  (Day 11) 3
kingz Andrew King Tagi Tagi 11th (Day 14) 3
JETTEJ Jack Jetts Tagi Tagi 5
Fern111 John Mccafee Tagi Tagi 0
Yerg Vadi Crowe Tagi Tagi 0
lewy Lewis Black Tagi Tagi 1
Steve_Ro Steve Ro Tagi Tagi 1
mattkwon1 Matt Kwon Tagi Pagong 0
HelenCoops Helen Coops Pagong Tagi 3
Cowkal2 Kyle Morgan Pagong Pagong 0
presea6789 Dawn Martinez Pagong Pagong 1
Khan "Kiki" Brown Pagong Pagong 6

The GameEdit

Episode Title Reward Immunity Eliminated Vote
"Pulling Your Weight" Tagi Laquishia 6-3
"My Glorious Plan" Pagong Vim 5-21
"Deal with The Devil" Pagong Tagi Em 5-2-12
"Good Riddance" John Ignas 4-3
Brittany Courtney Purple Rock
"Tears Have Been Shed" Pagong Tagi Brittany 4-1-1
"He's Just Too Strong" Pagong Tagi Paul 3-2
"The Loved, The Hated, The Dead" Pagong Andrew 3-2-1-1
"Finale" TBA (?-?)

^1 There was a (4-4) tie between Ignas and Vim. Jack also played an idol on himself, voiding one vote.

^2 Kyle played an idol on Courtney and Helen played one on herself, voiding their votes


Borneo TAGI

The Original Tagi Tribe. From Left To Right: John, Lewis, Vadi, Vim, Andrew, Ignas, Jack, Matt, and Steve


The Original Pagong Tribe. From Left to Right: Kyle, Paul, Helen, Em, Dawn, Courtney, Brittany, Laquishia, Kiki

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