Season RecordsEdit

Records are ongoing until the season is finished. All records do not include Alex or Matt.

Record HouseGuest
Most Head of Household Wins Ethan H (1)
Laytonya M (1)<br?Dylan P
Most Power of Veto Wins Jordan B (1)
Most Times Being Vetoed Jordan B (1)
Most Overall Competition Wins Ethan (1)
Laytonya (1)
Jordan (1)
Dylan (1)
Most Nominated (inc Pre Veto) Austin E (1)
Jeremy E (1)
Jeremy R (1)
Ethan H (1)
Least Nominated Austin B (0)
Davy W (0)
Desmond F (0)
Dylan P (0)
Josh P (0)
Kiyan P (0)
Laytonya M (0)
Tommy O (0)
Most Votes To Evict Received None.
Least Votes To Evict Received All.

Season PollsEdit

Poll Week HouseGuest %
Tengaged's Weekly Favorite Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8

Tengaged's Favorite Pre-Jury Member

Tengaged's Favorite Jury Memeber
Tengaged's Favorite HouseGuest
Strategist of The Season
Worst Gameplay
Hero of The Season
Villain of The Season

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