Secret Beneath Us
Secret Beneath
Created By JosephinaAlexis
Genre HorrorSuspense

Jamie Daniels
Heather Morgan
Logan Matthews
Kaylee Berry
Fred Andrews
Dan Coolyest
Eric Dawson
Lacey Caldwell
Joey Hunter
Summer Haynes

Country of Origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of Season 1
No. of Episodes 5 (Includes Reunion)
Original Run June 8, 2013-present
Original Site Tengaged Groups
Production Team SexySelfieProductions
Coming Soon
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Secret Beneath Us is a 2013 slasher film, created by JosephinaAlexis. Released on June 12, 2013 and ended on June 18, 2013 on Tengaged. The film was inspired by the movie Scream and Sorority Row, but the production team made the film a little more suspenseful to the viewersThe production team also made a group for the viewers to talk about how the movie film is doing, and it was named Viewers Chat Room. In the Viewers Chat Room all of the viewers could have talked on how the film is doing, criticize it, and also get themselves prepared if they star in the next film. The film was supposed to be called "Our Little Secret" but was then it changed it's title. The Viewers Chat Room was cancelled due to inactivity from the viewers, and some not being able to watch the series.

This horror film brings upon a young teenage boy who is seeking some revenge on his school mates after they have told the entire school to bully him for his sexuality choices. The young boy's name was "Timothy" but his family called him "Tim". Everything started on June 6, 2010 when a group of 8-10 kids pushed Tim inside a sewer accidentally, and thought Tim was dead so they all made a pact on to never tell anyone on what they have done to Timothy. They closed the sewer with the door, and they all ran away. Timothy was reported missing, and never found, but only the teenagers know. It's been one year since Timothy was gone and know he is back to get revenge on those kids who bullied him and pushed him inside the sewer.

The casting process had a great start, and had many users ready to begin the mini-series. The film was changed into a mini-series after a discussion with the production team on 06/09/13, so they could make it really suspensful to the viewers. The production team also later made a change on the mini-series release date until 06.13.13, it was recently supposed to be released on 06.12.13. 


The opening of this mini-series had introduced all of the characters that where part of the murder of Timothy, and also showing a quick flashback of Tim's life. *More to Come Soon*

Tengaged Users Critical ResponseEdit

"A Mini-Series Film that is going to blow everyone away" -HolaImThomasXD

Secret Beneath Us (Season 1) Cast:Edit

Username Name Describes Age Death Cause Notes
- Timothy Brown The Slasher 16 Main
JosephinaAlexis Heather Morgan The Nerd 16 Main
Rhysarnie14 Jamie Daniels The Social 16 Main
Darriusdabest Logan Matthews The Douche 16 Main
Kaylee8 Kaylee Berry The Diva 16 Main
MojoSurb Joey Hunter Party Type 16 Main
Thecoolyest Dan Coolyest The Outcast 16 Main
Em002 Eric Dawson The Lover 15 Main
Cheerleader18 Lacy Caldwell The Flirt 15 Main
ferdinandz Fred Andrews The Jock 17 Main
Glinda Summer Hayne Dramatic One 15 Main

     Character Survived.
     Character helps the killer, but dies.
     Character Died.


No. in Series

No. in Season Title Original Air Date Comments #
1 1
"Secret Is Spilled"Edit

June 13, 2013

2 2 ...    /1000
3 3 ...    /1000
4 4 ...    /1000
5 5 The Reunion    /500
The cast of the mini-series all get interviewd by host JosephinaAlexis and discuss about how the show went, and how they thought of each other. They also got to discuss if the mini-series was going up for a second mini-series.

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