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Sergeant Survivor Series is hosted by Sergeant. It has had 5 successful seasons


Survivor Seasons Winner Runner(s)-Up
Survivor:Madagascar Astros


Survivor:Costa Rica Ireks Admir
Survivor:Philippines Jflora18 SimvivoRWay


Realchance + BrandonBam 
Survivor:Cambodia(Second Chances) Talldude_1031 Sally212 + Sportygirl22
Survivor:Eldorado-All Stars Ninihead25 Talldude_1031 + BigBrotherFan132

SECOND GEN (Co-Hosted with Jxhn)

Season Winner Runner(s)-Up
Survivor:Mozambique Talldude_1031 Sportygirl22 + JBC8
Survivor:Jamaica TBD TBD

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