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The logo for the Sponsor Game.

The Sponser Game is one of the quickest yet most difficult ways of earning Tengaged Dollars on Tengaged. It sees the user sponsoring a mini-game and their success depends on how many people (users and non-users) play the game that they have sponsored.

How do I sponsor a game?Edit

Whilst on the homepage, you must first click upon the tab that says "Sponsor". This tab will take you to the homepage of the Sponsor Game. On this page are many games that are available to sponsor. Each game will have its own seperate price and the prices will range. To the right of the page is a timer, which says "0.0T$ in..." This refers to last minute buyers, who may be lucky enough to obtain a free game.

Every six hours, twenty games will become available to sponsor. The price of each game differs from game to game and the price also changes depending on the countdown. When the countdown reaches zero, the games will be free to sponsor.

Then what do I do?Edit

Once you have sponsored a game, you will own that game for three days. The more people who play your game per day, the more popular your game will become in the Sponsor Game. The same person can play the game as many times as he/she wants but it will only be counted as one player. It is up to you to advertise this game and to get as many people (friends or strangers) to play your game in or outside of Tengaged.

How to win T$ on the Sponsor GameEdit

Winning money on this game is difficult and prize money will only be handed out every six hours only to those whose games have made it into the Top 10 (of most popular games). The amount of money awarded every six hours is taken from the amount that people have spent upon the Sponsor Game in the previous six hours.

For the person in first place, their prize money will be roughly 30% of the money spent by users over the previous six hours. The person in second place will win roughly 20% and the third place winner will receive roughly 10%. This continues down the Top 10 list and the prize will get smaller towards the end of the Top 10. Those who are not in the Top 10 will not receive any prize.

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