User Name Steel
Year Born 1996
Education Tengaged High
Occupation Player, Comedian
Active 2012-present


Religeon Episcopalian

Steel is a online player from Tengaged. He enjoys making people feel better about themselves & is a great comedian in some of his blogs. He enjoys playing Survivor group games with many other people. Steel is currently ranked 297th on the Tengaged & he's enjoying the placement, but wants to go much more higher.

Survivor GroupsEdit

Year Group Title Season Host(s) Castaway Name Placed
2013 Survivor: All Stars/Two Worlds Mearl Steel  10/24
2013 Survivor: Romania 5 Ghoul Steel 03/16
2013 Survivor: Brazil 3 LoganWorm David 01/16
2013 Steel
2013 Steel

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