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The avatar of SuitMan13, which is temporarily acting as a logo for Suitman Productions
Production Team
The Founder and Host


March 2010–present

Current Co-Hosts


November 2011–present


August 2011–present

Former Co-Hosts


November 2011–August 2012


July 2010–September 2011

Current Shows

Suitman's Survivor

August 2011–present

Suitman's Big Brother

September 2012–present

Suitman Productions is a non-profit reality group re-founded on September 30th 2012 by user SuitMan13. It is a rebooted verison of the RPG group of the same name which closed it's doors in September 2011. It was originaly founded in March 2010.

The announcement of Suitman Productions' return collaberates two currently running shows hosted by SuitMan13 (Suitman's Survivor and Suitman's Big Brother) into one group. Suitman's Survivor is due to end in November 2012 after it's twenty-fifth season, while Suitman's Big Brother is on it's first season, and has not yet been confirmed for any more. The group is currently in discussion for some brand new shows to be created for air in late 2012 and early 2013.

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