Supremacy's Tengaged Avatar

Supremacy is known as a competitor on the Tengagedwebsite. Supremacy's real name is Kyle. Kyle spends his time off of the computer these days and has since then quit the Tengaged site. Kyle spends most of his time on real life things such as work and doesn't pay too much attention to Tengaged anymore, but once did.

Supremacy has a KPG of almost 2 and is currently a silver level on the Tengaged website. He is most well known for running the New Age fraternity and for winning LoganWorm's Survivor: The Plains.


Game Placing Individual Immunities Merge Jury
LoganWorm's Survivor: The Plains 1st/18 0 Yes No

LoganWorm's Survivor: The PlainsEdit

Entering the game Kyle kept a low profile, and didn't contribute to any challenges for his tribe. This paid off for him as he later on merged and had already outlasted 8 other people. Come merge he still kept his low profile trying purposely to not win individual immunity challenges and not approaching anyone. Come to the final 5 he unleashed himself making deals with everyone and trying to get Link out. His ultimate plan didn't work as Link won immunity, but he still made the final 3 and gave a surprising jury speech.Kyle won on a 2-1-1 vote making him the first ever LoganWorm's Survivor winner. He noted that he would return for another season, even if he left Tengaged.

Ultimately, he did not return for LoganWorm's Survivor: All-Stars.

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