South Africa the birth place of the born with heats waves roaming the lands every day

(BHDS Survivor South Africa)

Joining me today on a journey of a lifetime will be 14 New Teengagers looking to take the Million dollar prize they will be diveded into tribes of Physical and Mental basics of there Application joining the 14 will be two Past players who had a rivalry during Survivor Mexico one being a the Winner and another looking to seek revenge as becoming 6th place this will be one tough season that u do not wanna miss Will the two Survive once more and win it all or will the newbies take over and win this game

39 Days 16 People 1 SURVIVOR

Preceded By :Survivor:EasterIsland

Followed By : Survivor.All Stars

Castaway Oringinal Tribe Merged Tribe Placing Votes Days
Cochran Limpopo 1st Voted Out (4)-2-1-1 3
Jackson Limpopo 2nd Voted Out 4-(2)-1-1 3
Johnny Limpopo 3rd Out M.R 6
Jordan Gauteng 4th Out Quit 9
Janelle Gauteng 5th Out Quit 12
Jono Gauteng 6th Voted Out 3-1-1-1 15
Gator Limpopo 7th Out Banned 18
Nick E Limpopo Limteng 8th Voted Out 4-3-1-1 21



Limpopo 9th Voted Out 4-2-1-1 24
Gerard Limpopo 10th Voted Out 3-2-1-1 27
Austin Limpopo 11th Voted Out (5)-3-1-1 30
Patricia Gauteng 12th Voted Out 5-(3)-1-1 33
Jesus Man Gauteng 13th Voted Out 1-0 36
Russell Gauteng 2nd Runner Up Received 1 Jury Vote 39
Sim Gauteng Runner Up Received 1 Jury Vote 39



Gauteng WINNER Received 3 Jury Votes 39
Immunity Voted Out Placing
Gauteng Cochran/Jackson 1st Out/2nd Out
Limpopo Johnny/Jordan/Janelle/Jono 3rd,4th,5th,6th Out
Merge/Gauteng Gator/Nick E 7th,8th Out
Eric Logan 9th Out
Eric Gerard 10th Out
Eric/Russel Austin,Patricia 11th/12th Out
Eric Jesus Man 13th Out

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