• Helicopter Flies In*


After 8 Seasons of Thrilling exciting and thriving Survivor Seasons we are gonna yet again 1 MORE but this time a new batch of Castaways are looking to dominate it all and be the Sole Survivor they will have to first get out of the trickest of Situations as because we are heading to CAMBODIA where deadly animals roam the lands and With a small supply of Water they will have a hard task at hard only 1 WILL BECOME THE SOLE Survivor WHO WILL IT BE? 16 CASTAWAYS 39 DAYS 1 SURVIVOR

Preceded By: Survivor.All Stars

Followed By:Survivor:China

Castaway Oringinal Tribe Merged Tribes Placing Votes Days
Joey Purset 1st Out 5-3-1 3
Tommy Pailin 2nd Out Med Ev 3
Ace Pailin 3rd Out 3-1-1-1-1 6
Mastermind Purset 4th Out 3-2-1-1 9
Eddie Purset 5th Out (4)-4-1-1 12
Joe Purset 6th Out 4-(4)-1-1 15
Gentleman Purset Pailset 7th Out 6-3-1 18
Parvati Purset 8th Out 5-2-1-1 21
Snick Purset 9th Out 4-2-2 24
Kyle Purset 10th Out 5-1-1 27
Sam Pailin 11th Out (3)-3-2-2 30
Jason Pailin 12th Out 3-(3)-2-2 33
Miss Pailin 13th Out 2-1-1 36
Jflora Pailin 2nd Runner Up Received 1 Jury Vote 39
Hudspith Pailin Runner Up Recevied 1 Jury Vote 39
Jeff T Pailin WINNER Received 5 Jury Votes 39

Immunity Voted Out Placing
Pailin Joey 1st Out
Purset Tommy/Ace 2nd,3rd Out
Pailin Mastermind 4th Out
Pailin Eddie/Joe 5th,6th Out
Hudspith Gentleman 7th Out
Cowkal Parvati 8th Out
Cowkal Snick 9th Out
Jeff Cowkal 10th Out
Jeff,Hudspith Sam,Survivor 11th,12th Out
Jeff Miss 13th Out

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